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Thursday, January 25, 2007
NYC Restaurants
There is an awesome site called that lets you review the menus of tons of restaurants in New York City. Rachel F., a member of the NYC Celiac Disease meetup group, recently told me that "gluten-free" is now a drop-down search item in various neighborhoods. Apparently, it only shows up as a choice when there is a restaurant in that neighborhood that has a gluten-free menu or that is aware of gluten-free needs.

Here is a list of the restaurants that indicates have gluten-free items available. These menus can change and some NYC restaurants (especially/unfortunately gluten-free restaurants) have a high turnover rate, so please call before dining.

Asia de Cuba
237 Madison Ave | Btwn 37th & 38th St

Bloom's Delicatessen
350 Lexington Ave | At 40th St

200 Park Ave | At 45th St

Candle 79
154 E 79th St | Btwn Lex & 3rd Ave

963 Lexington Ave | At 70th St

Slice, The Perfect Food
1413 2nd Ave | Btwn 73rd & 74th St

1606 1st Ave | Btwn 83rd & 84th St

Cafe Fiorello
1900 Broadway | Btwn 63rd & 64th St

20 W 72nd St | Btwn CPW & Columbus Ave

415 3rd Ave | At 29th St

Chennai Garden
129 E 27th St | Btwn Park & Lexington Ave

270 Bleecker St | Btwn 6th & 7th Ave

Sacred Chow
227 Sullivan St | Btwn Bleecker & W 3rd St

401 6th Ave | Btwn Waverly Pl & 8th St

Flor's Kitchen
149 1st Ave | Btwn 9th & 10th St

Viva Herbal Pizzeria
179 2nd Ave | Btwn 11th & 12th St

248 Broome St | Btwn Orchard & Ludlow St

90 Rivington St | Btwn Orchard & Ludlow St

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How convenient, finding suggestions for GF dining in NYC. Thanks so much! What a big help you are for other Celiacs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm from Spain and I'm going to NYC in a few months. Thank you very much for this post.

And if you travel to Spain, this links will help: (Spanish Association) (Madrid Association)

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