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Saturday, May 19, 2007
10 Ways to Raise Awareness during May: Celiac Disease Awareness Month
Originally posted 5/7/07

I found this on the Celiac Disease Foundation website today. I think it is a great way to get involved with Celiac Awareness.

1. Share “Are You The ONE?” color flyer to friends and family who are unaware of celiac disease and its symptoms Download PDF here

2. Write your Congressperson and them ask to co-sponsor/support H. Con. Res 70 as Celiac Disease Awareness Month Click Here

3. Contact the health editor of your local newspaper and ask them if they know about celiac disease. Write them a letter and share your story.

4. Read the latest on the Celiac Diet Series - articles from Practical Gastroenterology GO Print out one of the articles from PG and give it to your doctor, dietician or pharmacist. Include a color flyer – Is Your Patient The ONE? For your doctor Download PDF here

5. Suggest that employees at your company have a “Pay $5 to wear jeans to work on Friday day” to raise awareness and funds for CDF at your office.

6. Request CDF brochures from the national office and ask your doctor and dentist to place them in their reception area. [CDF brochure is also downloadable from CDF website

7. Request CDF brochures and Quick Start Diet Guides and give to teachers and healthcare providers at your child’s school or day care center. Download PDFs Quickstart Diet Guide
CDF Brochure

8. Find out if there is a health fair coming up in your town and offer to set up a table with information on celiac disease and how to get tested.

9. Have a dinner party with your friends – celiacs and non-celiacs – and make a delicious gluten-free meal – complete with dessert! Show them gluten-free is fabulous!

10. When you visit a friend or neighbor in the hospital, take the opportunity to talk to doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and dieticians to help increase their awareness of celiac disease and the gluten-free diet needs of celiac patients during their hospital stay.

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