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Monday, July 9, 2007
Celiac Listserv
I belong to almost every Celiac e-newsletter under the sun. I recently changed my preferences for the Celiac Listserv to "daily digest" and I find it much more manageable to read now. Here is some information about this listserv

The CELIAC (Gluten & Wheat Intolerance) mailing List an open,
unmoderated discussion list for those interested in celiac (coeliac)
disease, sprue, dermatitis herpetiformis, gluten intolerance, wheat
allergy, and coincident Intolerances, such as casein or lactose
intolerance. The discussions include the latest scientific research
(written for the layperson); information on what food is gluten free and
what is not; tips on how to eat out of the house; strategies for coping
with the various aspects of celiac disease, including the developmental
delays and behavioral changes sometimes brought on or aggravated by
gluten (Autism, Asperger's, Attention Deficit, etc.); recipes and tips
on how to cook; and where to find gluten free food by mail-order. This
international List acts both as a support group and an information
exchange forum.

Please visit for more information including how to subscribe to this email mailing list.

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Blogger Karen said...

I think I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up!

Blogger THE WALK-IN said...

Great! I'll check it out...thanks for the info!

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