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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Gluten-Free Muffins at Muffin Break
I was first made aware of Muffin Break when Tinctory posted a picture in the Gluten-Free Goodness flickr group I moderate.

gluten free from Muffin Break
© All rights reserved. Picture by Tinctory.

Muffin Break provides customers with an irresistible combination of baked products and a distinctive blend of espresso coffee. In addition to this you can have a Muffin Break experience in various locations throughout the world. With locations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai, Muffin Break is surely spreading the word about gluten-free baking to an international market. It is very exciting to know there is an international bakery chain that actually caters to the gluten-free community. It is almost unheard of in the US to find a bakery that sells both gluten-free and non-gluten free products side by side. I hope the Muffin Break franchises catch on in the United States.

Muffin Break clearly states their gluten-free operational procedures on their website. Here are a few of the steps Muffin Break takes to ensure that their products are gluten-free and that their products avoid cross-contamination:

  • The Gluten Free muffin pre-mix is produced at only one mill in Ballarat.

  • The ingredients are made specifically for each batch. Once each batch is completed, samples of the mix are sent to two different laboratories to be tested. When they are returned meeting the standards of “gluten free” the mix is then bagged and transported to Muffin Break stores.

  • At a store level, all equipment used to prepare the gluten free muffins are washed separately.

  • Gluten free muffins are the first product baked on the day and are baked above any other product that may also be in the oven.

  • The gluten free muffins are displayed in the top row of the display cabinet to reduce the possibility of contamination with other products.

  • Gluten free muffins are always handled using specified tongs. These tongs are only used on these muffins and not on any other product.

I love how much attention Muffin Break gives to the detail including preparation of the mixes to presentation in the display case. I also love that they list 68 possible gluten-free flavors. That is so awesome and I am so jealous. There is one location in California, but the rest of the locations are outside of the US. If you are ever in Cali, the UK, New Zealand, Australia or Dubai DEFINITELY check out Muffin Break.

Muffin Break Oakridge
Foodcourt Suite 1663
Westfield Oakridge
925 Blossum Hill Road

Please visit the Muffin Break website for more information.

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Blogger Sea said...

OHHHH how exciting is this!!! I LIVE IN MOUNTAIN VIEW, very close to San Jose. How do I not know these things? Of course I guess I usually assume "Muffin" in a restaurant title usually means none for me. If I go, I will so have to do a review...


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