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Thursday, October 4, 2007
Gluten-Free Shopping in NYC and the 5 boroughs
Thanks to a member of my NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group I am happy to post this extensive list of gluten-free shopping in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. (Those are the five boroughs for those of you outside of NY.) This list is especially helpful to those visiting NY who don't want to eat at a restaurant for every meal. Please feel free to add any additions to the comments section of this posting.

ABOVE 42nd:
UPPER WEST SIDE: Fairway Market 2127 Broadway at 74th 6am-1am
UPPER WEST SIDE: Health Nuts, 2611 Broadway at 98th Street
HARLEM: Fairway Market 2328 12th Ave. 8am-11pm
HELL'S KITCHEN: Westerly Market 8th Ave. & 54th Street, til midnight
HELL'S KITCHEN: Amish Market, 9th Ave. btw 49th and 50th, 7am-9:30
MIDTOWN EAST: Health Nuts, 2nd & 45th Street
MIDTOWN EAST: Amish Market, 240 E. 45th St, 7am-9:30
UPPER EAST: Health Nuts, 2nd & 63rd Street
UPPER EAST: [unknown name], 75th and 1st, til 7pm
UPPER EAST: HealthSource, 69th and 2nd Ave,
UPPER EAST: HealthSource, 57th and 2nd Ave
UPPER EAST: Natural Frontier Market, 83rd and 3rd
UPPER EAST: Matter of Health, 1st Ave at 77th st., til 8pm weekdays, til 6pm weekends
COLUMBUS CIRCLE: Whole Foods, Time Warner Center

BELOW 42nd:
MIDTOWN: HealthSource, 120 E. 34th & Lexington
UNION SQUARE: Trader Joes, 142 E. 14th Street, 9am-10pm
UNION SQUARE: Whole Foods, 40 E. 14th Street
CHELSEA: Whole Foods, 250 7th ave.
EAST VILLAGE: Whole Foods, 95 East Houston
WEST VILLAGE: Health and Harmony, 470 Hudson
MURRAY HILL: Natural Frontier Market, 22rd and 3rd
SOHO/TRIBECA: Earth Matters, 177 Ludlow
SOHO/TRIBECA: 53 Park Place, btw Church and W. Broadway 6:30-10pm
DOWNTOWN/FINANCIAL: 17 Battery Place, 6am-10pm

RED HOOK: Fairway Market, 480-500 Van Brunt Street, 8am-10pm
PARK SLOPE: Back To The Land, 7th Ave and Carroll
PARK SLOPE: Everybody Eats, 3rd and Caroll
PARK SLOPE: Traditions, 465 5th Ave between 10th and 11th
BROOKLYN HEIGHTS: Perelandra, 175 Remsen Street
SOUTH WILLIAMSBURG: Sunac Natural Food, 440 Union Ave. (btw Devoe and Keap)
BOROUGH PARK: Coluccio & Sons; Wholesale/Retail Italian Grocers 1218 60th St., Brooklyn, NY. Tel.: 718-436-6700.
KENSINGTON/FLATBUSH: Flatbush Food Co-op, 1318 Cortelyou Rd, 718-284-9717
SOUTH WILLIAMSBURG: Josefs Gluten Free, 194 South 8 Street, Brooklyn NY 11211

FLUSHING: Queens Health Emporium, 159-01 Horace Hardin Expressway
BAYSIDE: Health Nuts, Bay Terrace Shopping Center
ASTORIA: Broadway Health Foods, Broadway at 30th Street
ASTORIA: Astoria Natural Center, 4103 31st Avenue
ASTORIA: Sai Organics, 3607 30th Avenue
GLENDALE/MIDDLE VILL./FOREST HILLS: Amish Market, Atlas Park Mall, 8000 Cooper Ave.
KEW GARDENS: Linda's Organic Kitchen and Market, 81-22 Lefferts Blvd A, 718-321-2088

Family Health Foods, 177 New Dorp Ln.
Family Health Foods, 604 Forest Ave.
Family Health Foods, 1789 Victory Blvd.
Family Health Foods, 7001 Amboy Road

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Blogger babysteps said...

Little Italy. Arthur Avenue, the enclosed market (including green grocer's, Mike's Deli, etc.) - the packaged food booth (as I think of it, they also have big bowls of seafood salad, olives, etc.) on the left (north-ish) side has italian 100% rice pasta in different shapes than I've seen in other brands - little conchiglietti ideal for soup, etc. Blue package.

Blogger Unknown said...

Do you know where I could find Kinnickkinnick Oreos in NYC??? My daughter has a birthday tomorrow blah blah blah I need some oreos. I live on the upper east side. Just curious if you knew.

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