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Saturday, April 5, 2008
2008 Gluten Free Cooking Expo
Gluten Free Cooking Expo 2008
September 12-13, 2008
Doubletree Hotel
Oakbrook, Illinois

The Gluten Free Cooking Expo is a fun learning environment for anyone who is interested in removing gluten and all its effects from their kitchen.

You will enjoy:
  • Two full-days of gluten-free cooking demonstrations by notable chefs, cookbook authors and nutritionists

  • Printed recipe so you can follow along, take notes and ask questions about successful replacement ingredients for common allergens such as soy, sugar, egg, dairy and corn

  • Learning how to prepare each dish, and getting the chance to taste them as well

The vendor showcase will introduce you to many of the best gluten-free products available and tell you how to get them. Plus don’t miss tthe happy hour tasting of gluten-free liquors and beers.

You’ll also have several chances to enter drawings throughout the Expo to win fabulous products. All guests will take home a gift bag of great gluten-free special offers and products.

Fun, friendly and entirely gluten-free—this is the Expo that has all the answers you’ve been looking for. Spend two days with the Gluten Free Cooking Expo and learn to prepare a whole new world of gluten-free snacks and meals.

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Blogger Andrea said...

This event looks great! I have been reading through their website and it looks like this is the first time this event is being held. How did you find out about it? It looks like you live in New York, do you plan to attend? I would love to see something like this in other cities around the US.

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi chefandrea. The organizer of the event contacted me through our Celiac Meetup alliance. I would love to make it to Chicago for this even but hope that it makes it to NYC in 2009.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Erin! : ) I am located in Chicago! Quite a few Chicagoans are excited about this upcoming event! I have a friend who is a baker who also teaches wheat/gluten free cooking classes here in the Chicago area. She actually gave me information about this upcoming event just last week...when I placed an order for her wonderful wheat/gluten-free vegan peanut butter cookies from her online bakery over at

I've been wheat/gluten for over 10 years now. I also don't tolerate corn and oats well either. Although, I've never been officially diagnosed with celiac disease. I've just this week returned to being grain-free, but I hope to still attend this event so I can learn something new for myself.

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