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Sunday, April 6, 2008
Gluten-Free Traveling Bears
The Westchester County Celiac Sprue Support group runs a program called "Gluten-Free Traveling Bears". The Gluten Free Traveling Bears is a great program where a family can sign up to have one of the gluten-free stuffed bears come and visit their child for a few days. They love to track where the bears go and the kids they visit. The bear comes with a binder full of info on eating GF, fun activities for the kids and a disposable camera so that the family can take pictures of the activities that the bear participated in during the visit. It only costs $25, which really just covers the shipping and the materials for the package and a small donation for their local participation in the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program, this program works with restaurants to offer gluten free menus. If you know any kids who would like a visit from one of the gluten-free bears, please go to the WCSSG website ( and click on the GF Traveling Bears to download the request form.

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