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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
31st Annual Celiac Sprue Association Conference
Can you believe there is a Celiac organization older than me? :-P
The CSA was one of the first organizations in the early 1980s that helped my parents understand what Celiac Disease is and how they could teach a toddler about Celiac while growing up in a gluten-filled world. It was a great resource then and continues to be so today.

"The Annual CSA Conference is a major event in CSA's yearly calendar. In recognition of October as Celiac Disease Awareness Month, CSA invites experts from a broad spectrum of disciplines relating to celiac disease and the required gluten-free diet to share current information. Researchers, healthcare professionals, dietitians, authors, chefs, restaurant owners, and gluten-free food vendors from across the United States participate in this annual educational event."

Please save the date for their 31st Annual CSA Conference

31st Annual Celiac Sprue Association Conference
Harvesting Knowledge of Celiac Disease
Research, Education, Support

October 17-19, 2008
Embassy Suites Omaha - La Vista Hotel & Conference Center

Click here for more information.

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Blogger Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks for posting the information Erin. Too bad it is Omaha... that's just a bit of a drive and I can't say I'm feeling like a trip to Nebraska regardless. Maybe some day this will be in Cleveland, OH? (Wishful thinking!) :)

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