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Friday, September 5, 2008
Gluten-Free Pizza in Canada

In late July, we took a family vacation to Canada. Back in March, I had read that the Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza was now selling a gluten-free pizza crust at their stores. Imagine my surprise when we stopped at a rest stop on the 401 in Ontario and I saw a Pizza Pizza with this sign. I most definitely NEVER saw a sign like this on the NY State Thruway.

Unfortunately, I did not purchase a gluten-free pizza at that time. First of all, I couldn't eat a whole pie by myself. Second of all, the teenage girl working the counter was CLUELESS!!! She didn't know what gluten-free meant despite the sign 2 feet from her head. I was reluctant to believe she would get the correct dough out of the freezer so I opted against buying a whole pie. I do give major kudos to Pizza Pizza for rolling out a gluten-free option to a nationwide chain.

Have any of you tried the gluten-free pizza at Pizza Pizza?

Here is what the sign says in case you can't read the blurry picture.

The introduction of our gluten-free crust is one of many healthy options available to our customers..... (Blah blah blah, talking about whole wheat. Not sure why they added that to a gluten-free sign, but whatever.)

Ingredients: Rice flour, potato starch, water, non-hydrogenated canola oil, sugar, salt, methylcellouse (thickening agent), yeast, monoglyerides

If you would like to substitute for New Gluten Free pizza crust on any medium pizza order (including deals) there will be an additional cost of $3.25(CAN).

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Blogger Shauna McCabe said...

Yes I have tried it, and its delicious. They also have a list of which toppings are gluten-free (for instance you cannot have their original pepperoni).

When I order it the box is sealed with a special 'gluten free' sticker which warns that although it was gluten-free it was not made in a gluten-free facility. I've never been "gluten-ated" , and I have ordered about 10 of these pizzas (although not in one sitting, I do share with others).

I did have a problem with a Toronto Store not knowing about gluten-free (although the sign did say gluten-free available) I wrote to pizza pizza who apologized and said they would make sure that the store went through 're-education'.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

on the note of Pizza pizza offering gluten free crust, I just tried to order a pizza from there and they make it incredibly difficult. They have a special for large pizzas - 5 toppings, 14$. I wanted this on gluten free crust. Because they don't have large gf pizza, they refused to let me have the deal. Even when I said to just put it on a medium pizza and charge me the gluten free surcharge, they refused saying that the deal was for large pizzas only. When I pointed out that they only have gluten free MEDIUM pizza, their response was actualy "yes mame, gluten free is medium, this special is only for large pizzas". I don't understand why they would offer gluten free on only one size and then not be flexible at all about it.they were also incredibly rude about it. When I asked for the number for head office the manager actually said that he wasn't at liberty to give it to me. Which, working in a head office myself, makes absolutely no sense. And then I found it posted on their website under media centre so...

Blogger Unknown said...

I understand frustration with not having special pricing applied but I'm willing to pay more for the 'special treat' of a safe pizza and don't want the company to change their mind about offering this option.

I've had three so far, and the vegetarian Mediterranean was over $20 - boy it was good - but at that price it is a very special treat and I can't afford to order extra sauce.

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