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Sunday, November 30, 2008
Gluten-Free and not so fabulous
I am always excited to try new products, so when I got a big box of cookies from Gluten Free and Fabulous I was excited. Now that my sister is also gluten-free (more to come about this) we decided to do a taste test this weekend. We opened a bag of chocolate chip cookies that were slightly past their expiration date and were overwhelmed with a smell of fermentation. In my experience, gluten-free foods could have an overpowering, almost yeasty smell but these cookies just smelled awful. We dumped that first bag. We proceeded to the brownie bites which had an expiration date of 12/8/2008. Same smell. We were reluctant to open a third bag because both of us now just had this awful smell in our noses, but we opened the butterscotch cookies. Same stomach-turning smell. After the third bag, we just dumped the remaining five bags of cookies. Both of us felt slightly nauseous from the smell and at that point there was really no way either of us could have brought ourselves to eat the cookies. I hate to bad mouth companies that are doing their best to create gluten-free products, but I would have been terribly disappointed if I had actually purchased these cookies and didn't get them as free samples. Sorry to say I will not be purchasing these cookies in the future.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that they send out samples close to or past the expiration does not bode well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought a bag of these at my local grocery store two weeks ago and the smell was disgusting. I thought they were smelled rancid. Into the garbage they went.


Blogger Unknown said...

The first bag expired in August 2008. I got the delivery in November 2008. You are right, it doesn't bode well.

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