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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Univeristy Researches Seek Adults with Celiac Disease
Adults that have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease are being sought for a study to identify factors associated with the development of Celiac Disease. The goal of the study is to find genes that may predispose individuals to develop this condition. The study has been funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health. Adults eligible to participate in this study must have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease through a small intestinal biopsy. Spouses may also be eligible to participate. Participants will be asked to provide a blood sample, complete a questionnaire, and provide medical records regarding their celiac diagnosis. There is no cost to participate. Necessary materials to have the blood drawn by the individual’s doctor, clinic, or lab will be sent. The study will pay for the cost of the blood draw, as well as overnight shipping to the lab.

Participants will receive free antibody testing.

For further information, please contact Maryam Mousavi, Study Manager, University of California, Irvine at (949) 824-5603 or toll-free at (866) 356-9962, or e-mail

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad to say, I think I got glutened with Uno's GF pizza we tried. Their pizza in Virginia Beach's Lynnhaven Mall was a thin crusted pizza but the quantity of toppings hardly qualified it as pizza ... too scant for us. It tasted alright,just not much for $15 with a small, small amount of lettuce they called a salad.

I've been so very rigid about contamination since my Oct. 2006 diagnosis. I don't confine my life, only my diet. My GF associates understand my, and my non-GF husband's, disappointment to finally try a "more mainstream eatery's'" GF product and to get sick from it.

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