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Thursday, July 16, 2009
Gone Too Soon: Starbucks Gluten-Free Cake

As reported on the Internet today and originally announced on Twitter, Starbucks is discontinuing the Valencia Orange Cake. This cake was the first individually wrapped gluten-free product available at Starbucks nationwide. Unfortunately, Starbucks’ reasoning behind pulling the item is this “was too much of a treat and not a nutritious snack.” This cake has only been for sale a few short months, as I reported in April. Instead of eliminating any gluten-free options at Starbucks, they are now going to sale KIND Fruit and Nut Bars. I only had the Valencia Orange Cake once, but I would much prefer cake with my coffee over a fruit and nut bar. The flavors are very different and the fruity and nutty texture don’t seem to go with coffee. I give Starbucks credit for listening to their audience and producing and selling the Valencia Orange Cake to begin with but this is a loss for the gluten-free Starbucks drinkers.

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Anonymous cinnamonquill said...

Hm, this doesn't make sense to me as their sugar infused drinks are far from a nutritious snack. Odd! I love Kind bars but I can't see myself buying one to go with a coffee or tea. Again, I say hm...And I didn't even get to try the cake, he.

Blogger Unknown said...

I usually carry an energy bar of some kind in my purse all the time anyway, and Kind Bars are one of the best. I find this much more filling and satisfying than the mushy cake that really just left me still hungry. I would love to see Starbucks come back with something more like a Blueberry muffin or Cranberry Nut scone - something more satisfying and nutritious than the too sweet cake.

Anonymous Ingrid said...

"not a nutritious snack"? How can they say that when they have items oozing with glaze and sugar on them? I'm sure the real reason is omitted so as to not create upset from the GF community. So sad...the cake was delicious and I found myself going to Starbucks more the cake than the coffee recently. :-(

Anonymous Lisa said...

I wish I could say I was surprised... they were available locally here for about two weeks after they first came out, but they have been "out of stock" in the five stores near me every time I have checked since then. Too bad, I thought they were delicious!

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