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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Buenos Aires Legislature Passed A Law for Celiacs
I read this brief in the Suffolk County Celiac newsletter. I feel that countries that pass legislation supporting Celiac disease sometimes make for an easier place to travel. I went to Italy in October and experienced the ease of shopping and dining as someone with Celiac Disease in a foreign country. Looks like Argentina can now be added to my list. Buenos Aires, here I come!!

The Buenos Aires Parliament passed a bill to protect people with celiac disease, which promotes research into the causes of the illness and the marketing of gluten-free food.

PRO lawmaker Marta Varela was pushed the bill which intensifies the prevention, treatment and study of the disease, as well as the publication of all gluten-free food.

In turn, the law also proposes a record to keep a statistical monitoring of the people who suffer from celiac disease in the country, and an identification ID to educate the people before an emergency.

Restaurants, bars and cafes must have at least one option in its menu suitable for coeliacs, as well as economic menus.

Today, over 400 thousand Argentines are celiacs, although there are another 25 thousand who are unaware of the disease.

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what other countries do this?? DO you know?

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