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Friday, December 11, 2009
From the Dr. Oz Website: Celiac Disease: The Advantages of a Gluten-Free Diet


OpenID eatmovelove said...

Nice blog! I saw some of that episode with Elizabeth Hasselback (The View cohost) on it. I am not gluten-free but enjoy experiementing with different baking etc and finding new cookbooks, websites to appeal to readers. Any recommendations are appreciated. Cheers :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tuned in to Dr Oz's Celiac program. Dr. Peter Green presents more accurate information than Hasselbeck. Not all of her info, just like her book, is accurate for those requiring Gluten Free [GF]. Face it: he's not as cute and bubbly as Hasselbeck. TV likes those qualities. Celiac got attention and that's A Big Deal for those with CD, DH, and other illnesses requiring diets without gluten.* It brings Celiac more mainstream and should make our lives easier as a result, eventually.

For many, it is not a choice. Check out any of the Celiac Disease sites. RE: Blue cheese: IS safe, Elizabeth. Cross-contamination is a deserving topic for expansion.

Dr. Oz gets points on presentation, graphics, visuals and raising awareness. Whether GF* or not, increasing awareness just might help bring RYE*, BARLEY* to be labeled on all products, along with WHEAT*, as culprits which are unnecessarily used in medicines and every day foods and products. Maybe manufacturers will listen when someone close to their family suffers a long time before diagnosis. Then it will be important and on their agenda.

It was a short segment. Dr. Oz reaches many with visuals which are easy to comprehend. It increases Celiac exposure. This benefits so many. Thanks, Dr. Oz., and glutenfreefun.

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