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Friday, January 1, 2010
Gluten-Free New York City Map
I thought the new year would be a great time to update my Google map of gluten-free restaurant, bars, and stores that sell gluten-free products in New York City. With over 60 listings, I hope this is one of the most comprehensive maps of gluten-free Manhattan online at the moment. (Send me others if you find any!) This map includes GFRAP restaurants as well as restaurants that provide gluten-free menu items. As with any dining experience, it is best to call ahead to make sure a gluten-free menu is still available. Also, when you get to the restaurant please speak with the waitstaff about your gluten-free dietary needs. Once you have had a great gluten-free meal at one of these places, I encourage you to write a review, email the staff, etc. It is your feedback that will keep these gluten-free menus around! You can also print the map with all of the listings directly from the Google link.

Enjoy! I welcome all feedback or additions that need to be made.

View Gluten-Free in New York City by Gluten-Free Fun in a larger map

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Blogger Unknown said...

Happy New Year !

Sonia gluten free Spain

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful map. Would you mind if I add a link to it to my web site with of course a very clear reference to the wonderful creater of the map?


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Jamie! Thank you for the comment. I would be happy for you to add a link to this map on your site. Happy new year!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Erin! Here is the link -

Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this map. Makes me want to get on a plane!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome map. I have bookmarked it so I can check-it out whenever I head into the city. Really great. Thanx!

A couple of places I thought of that could be added to the map (but I'm not sure how to add them myself so I'm giving you the info if you'd like to add them):

1) Hampton Chutney has a second location at 464 Amsterdam Avenue (between 82nd and 83rd)

2) I've been meaning to write on the meetup about this incredible gelato and sorbet place I've discovered called GROM. They have a specific label next to every flavor so you know if it is gluten-free or not. Awesome place. There are 2 locations in Manhattan -- 233 Bleeker Street (on the corner of Carmine Street) and 2165 Broadway (next to the corner of 76th street).

Thanx for all of your hardwork. See ya soon.

:) Mo

Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Mo! I added Grom and the other location of Hampton Chutney! Great finds.

Anonymous Britt said...

Awesome map--I love it! I had no idea about some of these places. Thank you for putting this together.

One more addition: Candle Cafe (Candle 79's dressed-down locale). :)

Anonymous Mo Tantawi said...

Hi Erin,
I was just reading about Griffiti's ( and apparently a bunch of people have gone there and had great experiences eating gluten-free. Someone even mentioned eating a burger on gluten-free bread. I haven't been there but it sounds awesome and I though you may want to add it to the map.

:) Mo

Blogger jdhs223 said...

I had a great experience with the staff at the Rouge Tomate. A friend who works there mentioned that they can do gluten free, and it turns out they indeed know what they're doing! All I had to do was let someone know we had a gluten free diner among us, and my waitress knew which dishes were and were not GF without having to run back and forth to the kitchen, and more than half of them were: delicious options, not bland sauceless versions of otherwise tasty glutenous dishes. When I'd ask clarifying questions, she assured me everyone in the kitchen was well aware of my requirements. On the somewhat rare occasions that I venture to dine at regular upper scale restaurants and ask questions of the waitstaff to try to ensure a gluten free meal, I often leave with a mild sick feeling that most likely indicates a small amount of cross-contamination. I didn't feel any hint of that at Rogue Tomate. It's on 60th St E near 5th Ave and entress run between $20 and $30.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great map!

There is a wonderful coffee shop down the street from me that I wanted to mention, BisCo Latte, they have freshly baked gluten-free biscotti's (made with almond flour) in all kinds of different flavors. It's on W 47th & 10th,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HELP lookig for a good gluten free bakery (fresh stuff) in or very near Grand Central Station in NYC 42 and.......

Thanks so much.

Blogger Unknown said...

Unfortunately, there aren't any gluten-free bakeries near Grand Central. The GF bakeries are limited in NYC. You can try visiting Westerley Market or Whole Foods, but you would need to take the train to both. Sorry!

Blogger Unknown said...

Wow! What a GREAT map of all the gluten free restaurants. I didn't know that Rosa Mexicana had a gluten free menu. I am so excited to take to mexican food over the weekend. THANK YOU and I look forward to the next NYC Celiac Meetup.

Blogger Unknown said...

I am so excited!!! I live in Brisbane in Australia and I am about to spend two weeks in New York with my dad who is also Gluten Free! So goes to New York!!!

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