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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Chef to Plate Campaign is Looking for Campaign Leaders
I participated in this campaign last year and it was a great success. I am looking forward to working with NYC restaurants again during the Chef to Plate Campaign

YOU ARE INVITED: Become a Campaign Leader for the Gluten Intolerance Group of NA in the “Chef to Plate ‐ Celebrating Restaurants Serving Up Gluten‐Free Awareness” international awareness campaign.

* Anyone can be a Campaign Leader
* You do not need to be part of a support group
* All materials will be provided

THE PURPOSE: The purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerances through the restaurants that currently provide gluten‐free offerings. It is not about the promotion of any specific restaurant program.

OUR SUCCESS IN 2009: This awareness campaign was a big success in 2009. Through our partnership with several organizations, we were able to help spread gluten‐free awareness throughout the gluten intolerant community. Our lists of restaurants with gluten free menus were posted on several websites. We sent out over 5000 pieces of literature to 196 restaurants, including several chains, all over the United States and into Canada. We estimate that we reached more than 1.625 million people!

WHAT RESTAURANTS: Any restaurant that offers a gluten‐free menu can get involved. This program is not about getting new restaurants involved in serving gluten‐free meals, but about working with those that already offer gluten‐free meals and bringing awareness of gluten intolerances to the community through these restaurants.

GET INVOLVED: As a Campaign Leader you will:
Get restaurants to agree to display information (provided) about gluten intolerances during May.
Share the news about this gluten‐free dining opportunity in your community! Your friends, family, acquaintances and the public. Press release templates will be supplied
We hope that you are as excited about this campaign as so many others are, and that you will want to be part of its success.

Chef to Plate Campaign Coordinators:
Rebecca Powell, Campaign Manager
Channon Quinn, Director of Industry Programs
Cynthia Kupper, Executive Director


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