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Thursday, February 4, 2010
The Gluten-Free Plot Thickens in North Carolina
Yesterday, I shared the article about the Great Specialty Bakery's closing after discovering gluten in "gluten-free" products. Today, I read at the NFCA website the owner is now facing criminal charges. Here's to North Carolina for taking this so seriously.

From the NFCA website:

Faces Criminal Charges After Falsely Labeling Gluten-Free Products

North Carolina bakery owner Paul Selig is facing criminal charges after selling gluten-free food products that in fact, were not.

Seelig faces six counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, all felony charges. His company, Great Specialty Products, has been shut down.

For more information on the trial, click here and click here.

Writers for the Gluten-Free Raleigh Blog attended yesterday's hearing at the Wake County Courthouse, and have obtained the Preliminary Injunction documents. Click here to read.

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