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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Gluten-Free Go-GURT® Coupon
I just like saying that word: Go-Gurt. It sounds so silly, but makes complete sense. It is yogurt to eat on the go. Simple as that! Lucky for us, many of the flavors are gluten-free. YoPlait, the Go-GURT parent, is owned by General Mills. GM has been one of the mainstream companies that has embraced the gluten-free market over the past year. For more information about General Mills gluten-free products, visit

The Go-Gurt website says:

Go-GURT® Portable Lowfat Yogurt, the first-ever yogurt in a tube, is the perfect snack for kids. Not only do kids love Go-GURT® yogurt's fun tube and interactive promotions, but they can't get enough of the smooth, creamy texture and wide variety of great, fun flavors like Strawberry Splash and Cool Cotton Candy.

The following Go-Gurt flavors are gluten-free.

• Banana Split/Strawberry Milkshake
• Berry Blue Blast/Chill Out Cherry 16 ct.
• Cool Cotton Candy/Burstin' Melon Berry
• iCarly Special Edition Rad Raspberry/Paradise Punch
• Ro-Gurt Special Edition Shaggy's Like Cool Punch & Rawberry
• Sponge Bob Special Edition Strawberry Riptide/Bikini Bottom Berry
• Strawberry Banana Burst/Watermelon Meltdown
• Strawberry Kiwi Kick/Chill Out Cherry
• Strawberry Splash/Berry Blue Blast
• Strawberry Splash/Cool Cotton Candy 16 ct.

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