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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Gluten-Free Icing from Betty Crocker
When I went to sleepaway camp in the 90s, my dad would bring me those little vats of icing on parents weekend. That night, my bunkmates and I would be sitting on each other's bunks eating the icing right out of the container. Damn, that was delicious. I would never do that now and barely ever use icing. When I do bake a cake, I usually make my own icing to guarantee its gluten-freeness.

It is great to know that I now have another option, Betty Crocker® Rich and Creamy Frostings and Whipped Frostings. As part of the General Mills gluten-free initiative they have recently added these frostings to their growing gluten-free list of products.

Here is the complete list of gluten-free Betty Crocker frostings:
• Butter Cream (NEW) 16000-38060
• Cherry (NEW) 16000-45890
• Chocolate (NEW) 16000-45840
• Coconut Pecan (NEW) 16000-41239
• Cream Cheese (NEW) 16000-45960
• Creamy White (NEW) 16000-16166
• Dark Chocolate (NEW) 16000-45860
• Lemon (NEW) 16000-45850
• Milk Chocolate (NEW) 16000-45900
• Rainbow Chip (NEW) 16000-46070
• Triple Chocolate Fudge Chip (NEW) 16000-52440
• Vanilla (NEW) 16000-45830

• Butter Cream (NEW) 16000-32990
• Chocolate (NEW) 16000-32320
• Cream Cheese (NEW) 16000-37420
• Fluffy White (NEW) 16000-37460
• Milk Chocolate (NEW) 16000-37410
• Strawberry Mist (NEW) 16000-37400
• Vanilla (NEW) 16000-37430
• Whipped Cream (NEW) 16000-41777

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with all of us who are searching! I made a gluten free cake tonight for my daughter's birthday and because it was so late I was wishing for icing out of a can. So I checked online and here's exactly what I needed to know!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous Teddy said...

I, too made a gluten-free cake for my daughter's birthday. I bought a can of Betty Crocker's whipped butter cream icing. It's good to know you can have the great taste of Betty Crocker icing knowing that it's gluten-free. Thank you.

Blogger Tori said...

trying out new gluten free recipes so that i can eat cake!! i completely forgot to check which icing i picked up, turns out, it's safe!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dad is allergic to gluten and yeast and wheat and I need an easy last mintue recipe thanks anyways

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the betty crocker cupcake icing in their tall metal can with the decorating tips included?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yayyyy!!! Gluten free icing!!.. I live in the Caribbean (Trinidad to be exact) and its very difficult to get Gluten free items.. so much so that I have to fly to Miami to purchase from Whole Foods. I just bought some cup cake mixes (gluten free pantry) and will be baking for my 4 yr old who has Celiac. He'll be soooo happy to have icing on those cup cakes!! Thank you!!!!! :)

Blogger Her Majesty II said...

One of the members of my church deals with Celiac disease. I equate baked goods with love and wanted to share something with him so he could enjoy social hours just like everyone else. Thank you for making something so simple as cake frosting gluten free!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do I find the Betty Crocker gluten free icing and is it corn and peanut free too?

Blogger Unknown said...

Did you find out about the cupcake icing in the can? I too wish to know... Thanks!

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