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Thursday, March 25, 2010
Gluten-free trend could fall like ‘a house of cards’
There has been a lot of buzz in the gluten-free forums and blogs about this article. What do you think?

Gluten-free trend could fall like ‘a house of cards’: "The mainstream adoption of gluten-free diets is a movement on the way out, according to trends forecaster Suzy Badaracco, president of Culinary Tides."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These 2 lead lines are deceptive. Read the article to be aware what might come about for GFers. Understand what Badaracco sees to make such statements.

She points out a side benefit might be making more GF products as well as making those currently marketed GF products more tasty as well as more nutritious. Don't we GFers deserve best nutrition, just like anyone else?

She tells of self-diagnosed perhaps returning to gluten, as well they should. If one can consume a fuller range of foods, that is what a well-balanced diet should be by design.

Her article begs 2 questions:
1) Is one truly "diagnosed" if they are self-diagnosed? I say, "No." They could be sensitive, not intolerant, or have allergies, or coincidental relationships. Staying GF requires more than a casual glance at some ingredients. Often ingredients are GF in of themselves but cross-contamination can make the end product unhealthy, unsafe for GFers. Only the endoscopy shows for sure if one is "diagnosed." However, YOU know if you feel better eating GF. That's different.
2) Does greater awareness help GFers? I say, "Yes." Our GF foods are tasty when done well. They can taste, look, feel and be less than appetizing as we all know. When manufacturers, retailers, food service pros know how easy it is to prepare GF, it is my hope that every kitchen will understand and offer GF in their usual selections.

GF could be offered just as often as there are choices of how potatoes or rice is served. Think diabetics and sugar or allergies to certain foods. Why not GF? Like "they say" if it is to be, it is up to me. Make it happen. Rattle some cages, GF folks!

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