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Friday, March 5, 2010
Living Gluten Free Expo Premieres in San Diego
SAN DIEGO - (Business Wire) Restorative Remedies LLC and the National University System Center for Integrative Health will join forces to produce a series of events to call attention to a significant health issue in our country — gluten intolerance and the myriad diseases that can result from this condition. The first public event, “Living Gluten Free Expo,” will be held on March 20, 2010 from 9:00am to 3:30pm at National University’s Spectrum Center campus in San Diego. Conference organizers, acknowledging a growing and widespread interest in gluten intolerance, plan to continue with a series of events throughout California and Nevada.

In July of 2009 a Mayo Clinic sponsored study, using frozen blood samples taken from Air Force recruits between 1948 and 1954, found that intolerance to wheat gluten is four times more common today than it was in the 1950s. The findings contradict the prevailing belief that a sharp increase in diagnoses of wheat gluten intolerance has come about because of greater awareness and detection, and raises questions about whether dramatic changes in the American diet have played a role.

"It's become much more common," said Dr. Andrew Murray, the Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist who led the study. No one knows why, he said, but one reason might be rapid changes in eating habits and food processing over the last half century.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota who conducted the study also found that the recruits, who had the undiagnosed digestive condition, also had a four-fold increase in the risk of death. According to their study, an estimated 1 out of 100 people suffer from the inherited disorder, though most of the people are unaware they have it. Gluten intolerance can affect a host of health issues including arthritis, ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and celiac disease – the most severe form of gluten intolerance.

The event will feature a combination of informative lectures and a product and services expo where the public can connect with organizations and companies that support gluten-free living. The Expo will provide information, products, and networking opportunities to people who are either living gluten free, facing the need to adjust to a gluten-free lifestyle, or choosing to eliminate gluten from their household for other reasons.

Presentations throughout the day will include:

  • “The Science Behind Gluten Intolerance” — including a follow-up discussion with Dr. Alex Shikhman, and Jacqueline Konstanturos, co-authors of Gluten Nation

  • “Label Reading for Your Health” — with Mary Lyons Collard, RD, contributing author to Gluten Nation

  • “The Gluten Chronicles” — personal stories from people on the front lines of battling gluten in everyday living

  • “Personalized Medicine: A demonstration of new technologies for better diagnosis and treatment” — with Dr. Alex Shikhman

  • “The Best Gluten-Free Recipes Contest” — featuring celebrity judges who will award prizes for the best recipes in several categories: appetizers, breads, entrées, desserts and overall

In addition to the lectures, the Expo will include displays by organizations that support the gluten-free community, as well as companies that offer products and services designed for gluten-sensitive individuals.

Individuals interested in attending the event can purchase their ticket in advance for $10 for General Admission, $25 for VIP Seating and Gift Bag. A gluten-free lunch prepared by the Star of India Restaurant can be purchased for $10, advanced purchase required. The gluten-free recipe contest carries an entry fee of $25, which also covers a general admission ticket. Businesses and non-profit organizations interested in exhibiting should call 858.605.5880 to learn more.

The site of the conference, The National University’s Spectrum campus Center, is located at 9388 Lightwave Ave., San Diego, CA 92123. Call for more information or visit the Living Gluten Free Expo site at

About the National University System Center for Integrative Health

The National University System Center for Integrative Health is committed to improving the quality of health and wellness care in the United States by providing education to individuals about integrative health and to helping people lead healthier lives. Integrative medicine is an approach to healthcare that blends conventional medicine with complementary, evidence-based treatments and therapies. It is used widely in the United States, yet there are few regionally accredited institutions committed to the initial degree preparation and continuing professional education and training of healthcare professionals and practitioners in this field. This is the knowledge gap filled by the National University System Center for Integrative Health.

About Restorative Remedies

Restorative Remedies is a gluten-free company that offers 37 natural supplement products in eight categories: Immune Support and Inflammation, Metabolic Pathways, Muscle and Nerve Health, Bone Support, Cartilage Support, Gastrointestinal Support, as well as Vitamins and Minerals. All supplements are gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free and are packaged and tested in the United States in accordance with FDA requirements and GMP protocols using the strictest quality control procedures. They are made in America and are housed in a temperature-controlled, gluten-free facility in San Diego, for more information, please visit or call 1.858.605.5880.

About Gluten Nation

The new book, ‘Gluten Nation’, explores the many ways gluten can wreak havoc in your life if you are sensitive – well over 20 million Americans are gluten sensitive and most do not know it. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. In the world of science and medicine, it is widely known that wheat is the primary cause of celiac disease, a debilitating chronic inflammatory disease affecting the intestine. What is not so widely known is that gluten sensitivity runs a spectrum — only the worst cases becoming celiac disease. This “grain of pain" is a contributing factor in many illnesses, including autoimmune diseases, arthritis, autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia and more. To order ‘Gluten Nation’ go to or call 877-779-9135.

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