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Monday, May 10, 2010
Gluten-Free Food News and Giveaway
Update 5/12/10: Thank you for all of your comments. Congrats to Jen and Monica, the winners of the coupons!

Giveaway: If you are interested in Helen's Kitchen or Organic Bistro, leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I have two coupons to giveaway for each brand. It is for a free entree! Leave your email address so I can contact you.

Helen’s Kitchen, a family-owned brand specializing in organic and vegetarian frozen entrees and meat alternatives, offers the following gluten-free meals, each of which are meat-free, made of nutritionally superior natural and organic ingredients, and completely free of trans-fats, MSG and GMOs. In addition, Helen’s entrees feature the brand’s original tofu steaks that provide a source of complete “whole” soy protein, Isoflavones and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

• Thai Yellow Curry
• Cheese Enchiladas
• Hearty Bean Chili
• Indian Curry

The Organic Bistro, supported by dietitians nationwide, offer a wholesome range of gluten-free frozen meals as well, balanced with the very finest sources of lean protein, sustainable seafood, fiber-rich whole grains, organically-grown vegetables and healthy fats. These easy-to-prepare, single serving meals are made with organic ingredients, low-glycemic, unprocessed, and free of salt and artificial flavorings.

Gluten-free varieties include: Wild Salmon, Savory Turkey, Ginger Chicken, Salmon Cake, Chicken Citron, Spiced Chicken Morocco, Pasta Puttanesca, and Jamaican Shrimp Cake


Product Reformulation Meets Growing Demand for Gluten Free Options

IRVINE, CA. – Helen’s Kitchen, a family-owned brand specializing in organic and vegetarian frozen entrees, has announced that a selection of its Certified Organic frozen entrees are now shipping as gluten free.

Product lines reflecting the new gluten free formulation include Helen’s:
  • GardenSteak™
  • Vegetarian ChickenSteak
  • BBQ TofuSteak *NEW*
  • Thai Red Curry *NEW*
  • Thai Yellow Curry
  • Cheese Enchiladas
  • Hearty Bean Chili
  • Indian Curry
Recent research and newly developed blood screening methodologies have revealed that one in every 133 otherwise-healthy individuals suffer from celiac disease, according to the American Medical Association 2003.

“We have always been determined to meet our customers’ needs, not only in terms of taste, but in terms of overall health and specific dietary issues such as an intolerance to gluten,” said Stephen Moore, CEO of Helen’s Kitchen. “We’re very pleased to be able to respond to the ever-growing demand from our customers for organic gluten free products in today’s market and look forward to expanding the range of our gluten-free products in the future.”

Helen’s gluten free entrees are available in health food and specialty stores across U.S. and Canada, for an SRP of $4.89. Helen’s Kitchen produces their frozen product line in recycled paper packaging and bio-degradable food trays.

About Helen’s Kitchen
Helen’s Kitchen was founded by Stephen Moore in 2002 and named after his mother, Helen. Always a strong believer in blending great taste and great nutrition together, Helen started serving her self-created Tofu Steaks years ago to Stephen, and soon both he and even his non-vegetarian friends were hooked. Eight years later, Helen’s Kitchen has become the little food brand that could: youthful, passionate, creative, caring, and absolutely inflexible when it comes to meeting the highest possible standards of excellence. And like Helen herself, the brand is full of personality, perhaps best expressed in Helen’s Simple Health lifestyle: Enjoying Life, Delicious & Simple Gourmet Food, Balanced Nutrition, and Smart Choices. Helen’s Kitchen also just merged with the Organic Bistro brand and has formed a new parent company called Food Collective, Inc. under Stephen’s direction. For more information, please visit

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Blogger jencroley said...

I'd love a coupon to try either kind. Thanks!


Blogger Monica C said...

mmmmm they both look amazingg!!

Blogger Jessie said...

I'd also be interested in a coupon for either one!

kochac22 at yahoo dot com

Blogger SueZboss said...

I've never heard of them- have you tried them? and do you know where you can find them? They sound good!

Blogger I Am Gluten Free said...

I don't usually buy frozen meals, as I tend to be a make-it-from-scratch kinda person. But we were recently invited somewhere and I needed to bring something quick and easy. I bought a package of Helen's frozen tofu and was amazed at how delicious it was. I haven't had it since and would love to try it again. I've never had the Organic Bistro - sounds interesting!

Blogger Unknown said...

I like Helen's which was tasty and I've never tried Organic Bistro, but I'd like to. Yum!


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