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Friday, May 7, 2010
Media Planet USA Today Celiac Disease Supplement
Media Planet Publishing Inc. has released a special celiac disease report today, Friday May 7, 2010 in USA TODAY. I think this is a huge step to bring Celiac Disease Awareness to the mainstream. Thank you to Media Planet for publishing this supplement. You can download this supplement by clicking here.

This comprehensive supplement seeks to raise awareness of the disease and the gluten-free diet, promoting resources available to help the suffering gain a diagnosis, and patients and families with celiac restore their health and reclaim their life!

Sarah Jane Smith, LPGA star and NFCA Athletes for Awareness spokeswoman, graces the cover of this special magazine insert. Smith, along with fellow NFCA Athlete for Awareness AJ Clemens, are profiled in the ‘stories of inspiration’ section which can be seen on pages 4 and 5. In addition, NFCA founder and president Alice Bast is a featured expert on the subject of celiac disease and infertility.

The latest celiac disease report for USA TODAY, published by Media Planet, will reach over one million readers nationwide, distributing over 442,000 printed copies within the areas listed below.

BOSTON: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine
DENVER: Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, South Central Idaho, Northern Nevada, Central Utah, Western Nebraska and parts of Kansas
TEXAS: Houston, Southern Texas, and South Central Louisiana
FLORIDA: North Central Florida and parts of Georgia
SAN FRANCISCO: North Central California and North Eastern Nevada and Hawaii

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