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Monday, August 9, 2010
Delicardo Treasure Hunt
Win a Packet of 50 DELICARDO Foodcards of Your Choice With The DELICARDO Treasure Hunt.

Simply answer the 5 questions below and you can go into the draw to win your very own packet of personalized DELICARDO Foodcards.

More people than ever before have restrictive dietary dos and don'ts that they need to communicate to others. DELICARDO Foodcards help people do this effectively and easily. When eating out the card is simply given to the waiter or chef avoiding long or awkward explanations about your special dietary needs while also making life easier for the restaurant staff. The cards clearly communicate what one can’t eat under the heading ‘NOT ALLOWED TO EAT’ and what one can eat under ‘ALLOWED TO EAT’. There is also a list of products where the allergen(s) concerned may be found.

DELICARDO Foodcards are available for many different different allergies, intolerances and diets and are free to configure as one chooses in the online Foodcard Configurator. They are also business card sized, durable and come in a variety of different colours, designs and languages. To go into the draw to win a pack of 50 DELICARDO Foodcards of your choosing (go to to see the range of cards available) answer the questions below:

1. What rating did Rosanne give “The Bell Jar” café at

2. What is the secret word in the magnifying glass on the “Disney with Food Allergies” travel page at (Tip: You can find the pages here

3. Who is the founder of and what is your favourite post there? (Tip: You can choose any post found at the website)

4. What is the name of the trail mix recently reviewed at

5. Which allergies and intolerances are mentioned in the founding story of DELICARDO? (Tip: Check the story page at

Send your answers and your choice of cards to Delicardo Foodie via facebook ( or email with the subject line “facebook competition”.

Competition ends 24 August 2010.

For more details go to the “Eating Out: Allergies and Diets” facebook group page Remember all entries must be sent to Delicardo.

Have fun!

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