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Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Mr. Ritt's Isn't Getting Out The Gluten Free Business Completely
Mr Ritt's Bakery isn't getting out of the gluten free business at this time. What they will be doing is making a full mix line which will include all of the breads, including the healthier ones like quinoa and buckwheat, as well as their flour and waffle mixes. Ritt has also been reworking all of the recipes as he creates the breads into mixes to improve taste and texture, since he now has more time to work with them. The versatility in a home kitchen with the mixes versus them having to make everything will really make this work well for people as well as cutting costs. They are currently working on getting them developed and into distribution so they can be available at retail level rather than having to direct ship. Mr Ritt's last day of retail operations was July 31st.

Mr. Ritt's will have available the following mixes, which are being developed for multiple purposes:

  • 3 different cup for cup flour blends
  • L&W bread
  • Challah Bread/cinnamon breads/sticky buns
  • Multi purpose Italian bread (this is the current test, and it makes a soft bread with a solid crust as well as a Pizza crust and Foccacia. The customer reviews on the samples have been more than positive) Mr. Ritt's is also try to make this work for a pepperoni or sausage bread.
  • Buckwheat bread
  • Quinoa bread and soft pretzel mix
  • Artisan Bread that will make Olive bread, Tomato Basil, Pesto, or cheddar breads.
  • Buckernickel (mock pumpernickel) - already developed
  • Mock rye bread mix - to make mock rye, mock onion rye, mock caraway rey, and mock caraway onion rye breads

On another note, Mr. Ritt's is moving back to the midwest, and hoping to expand these lines out there and keep the biscotti going.

MR. Ritt's Gluten Free Bakery
212 East Vine Street
Entrance on 2nd
Millville, NJ 08332

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