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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Great Holiday Idea: Gluten Free To Go

I was first introduced to Rebecca & Devyn's Gluten Free To Go snack packs at the Appetite for Awareness event in Philadelphia this October. I was instantly drawn to the colorful logo, the resealable bags, and the selection of snacks inside each "To Go" package. I was so impressed that I voted these snack packs as my "Coolest New Travel Product" in my A4A Vendy Awards.  If you are looking for a holiday gift for a busy mom or dad, a frequent traveler, or even for yourself then I highly recommend the Gluten Free To Go snack packs.

These Gluten Free To Go bags are "ready-to-go snack packs that are safe, tasty, gluten-free and available free of the eight most common allergens (wheat, milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, and shellfish.)" These snack packs already contact many familiar brands such as Enjoy Life Foods, Mary's Gone Crackers, Wild Garden, and Sunbutter which is welcoming to those of us who are already comfortable with particular allergen-free products.

There are four Gluten Free To Go packs to choose from including "At the Park", "In the City", "At the Lake", and "On the Trail". Each package has a different selection of snacks and they all come in resealable bags. Right now, the snack packs are available for purchase through the Gluten Free To Go website.

I hope to see these expand into health food markets soon. Or better yet, how awesome would it be if you were in the airport and saw this at one of your favorite news kiosks? Good luck to Rebecca and Devyn with their Gluten Free To Go snack packs.

Buy yours today! Are you a new customer? Get $4 off any 4 snack packs by using promo code BUY4GET4.

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Anonymous Mandy said...

The snack tray looks amazing!

Blogger Erin S. said...

The snack tray is all samples from the Gluten Free To Go snack packs!

Anonymous Devyn said...

Thanks for the great review. We really appreciate it and look forward to fulfilling all the holiday orders. Remember to order very soon to ensure holiday delivery.

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