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Friday, December 10, 2010
Yogi Teas
Over Thanksgiving weekend, I unfortunately came down with a really bad cold. My sister gave me some Yogi Tea and I was curious about their ingredients. I wrote to the customer service team at Yogi Teas and they quickly responded to me. I thought it was especially interesting that they addressed the materials in the tea bag and the packaging in regards to their ingredients. Here is what Yogi had to say:

Gluten concerns, including intolerance and Celiac disease, are taken seriously at Yogi. As with all potential allergies and sensitivities, we strongly suggest that you work with a qualified healthcare provider to identify substances that could trigger your individual symptoms. 
We cannot guarantee that any of our teas are completely gluten free. Yogi Teas that contain barley malt, and therefore, potentially, gluten:
  • Healthy Fasting tea
  • Stomach Ease tea
  • Kava Stress Relief tea
  • Calming tea
The four teas listed above are not recommended for anyone working to avoid gluten. Our remaining Yogi teas do not contain added gluten. There is no gluten in the tea bag material or packaging.
Please take the opportunity to read about cutting edge tea news at the Yogi Blog:

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What a great and thorough response! I never considered the packaging or tea bags before. Are those places that gluten normally hides?

Blogger Gluten Free Shiksa said...

I love, love, love yogi. Especially the Egyptian Licorice Mint. I'm not a licorice (or anise) flavor fan, but it mainly just adds a bit of sweetness to the tea. Mmm.

Anonymous Nan said...

@Gone Pie Vegan Bakery. I have read that some tea bags are sealed with glue as opposed to heat/pressure and some people suspect/fear gluten in the glue.

@ GlutenFreeFun. My first visit here. 29 years, wow! (Okay, I'm jealous because I wish I had been diagnosed that early.)

Thanks for this post. I received a sample of the Classic India Spice and couldn't find the info. on their website.

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