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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
GlutenFreeTravelSite Announces Mobile Version of Website

Mobile Version Offers Free and Automatic Access to Gluten Free Restaurant Information and Dining Reviews via Any Smart Phone

South Riding, VA, January 5, 2011 –
today announces the launch of a mobile version of the site, automatically available on any smart phone. The mobile version provides visitors with a user-friendly format for accessing the site’s gluten-free dining information when “on the go” or traveling.

GlutenFreeTravelSite is a website that helps people following gluten-free diets find “safe” places to eat, whether they are looking for a restaurant in their town or searching for suitable places to eat or stay when traveling. The site contains a database of thousands of reviews of restaurants, hotels/resorts, cruises, and grocery stores throughout the world -- submitted by people following gluten-free diets.

“The mobile version of GlutenFreeTravelSite is incredibly easy to use, and more importantly, gives you instant access to a wealth of gluten-free information,” said Chad Hines, founder of the Gluten-Free Faces social networking site. “You have the ability to browse through local gluten-free restaurant reviews, view restaurant menus, and even access all your favorite social media sites -- all while on the go!"

Similar to the main site, the free mobile version of GlutenFreeTravelSite allows visitors to search reviews by city/town or zip code, with the search results appearing on a Google map. Users simply click on any establishment listed to link to the review. Most places reviewed are “hidden gems” such as independent restaurants, stores, resorts, and inns/B&B's that Celiacs may not have heard about elsewhere.

The mobile version of the site also incorporates the
Gluten Free Restaurant Menus section, which lists national and regional restaurant chains that offer gluten-free menus – and provides direct links to their gluten-free menus and locations. Users of GlutenFreeTravelSite’s mobile version can even visit the site’s Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, and read the Featured Review of the Month, a review that is chosen from the prior month’s submissions for special showcasing.

Most people who follow gluten-free diets do so because of Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease in which the body is unable to digest gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Celiac Disease affects 1 in 133 people in the United States and rates are even higher in some other countries. People with “gluten intolerance,” autism, and other health concerns have found that a gluten-free diet can also help reduce their symptoms.

“People following gluten-free diets have somewhat limited options when it comes to dining out and traveling,” said Karen Broussard, founder and president of GlutenFreeTravelSite. “With the mobile version, people can now have the helpful resources of GlutenFreeTravelSite at their fingertips at all times – whether they use an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android-based smart phone.”

About GlutenFreeTravelSite
GlutenFreeTravelSite was launched in April 2008 to help users quickly and easily access peer-written reviews of restaurants, hotels/resorts, cruise ships, and grocery stores around the world that cater to the gluten-free community. Between the database of reviews and the dozens of national and regional restaurant chains with gluten free menus listed on their Gluten Free Restaurant Menus page, visitors to the site can find thousands of safe and delicious dining options. For more information or to learn about advertising opportunities, visit GlutenFreeTravelSite at or e-mail

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