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Monday, March 14, 2011
Happy Pi Day!
Today is 3.14 (March 14th) better known as Pi Day. Pi is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. What better way to celebrate Pi Day by eating gluten-free PIE!

A few weeks ago I met Andrea Sorkin, the founder and owner of Pi Gluten-Free, a NYC-based gluten-free baking company. I learned about Pi Gluten-Free from a gluten-eating friend that raved about a gluten-free products she had at a party in January. After emailing with Andrea for a few weeks to learn more about the company, I finally met up with her for dinner in NYC. Dinner with Andrea flew by; once we started talking we didn't stop for hours... literally. She is one of those people that I wanted to be friends with immediately! Her passion and drive to not only bake delicious gluten-free food but to also spread awareness about public health is apparent from the second you start talking to her. Pi Gluten-Free was launched after Andrea and her colleague decided to enter the Baruch College and Merrill Lynch Entrepreneurship competition together and they won! Pi Gluten-Free was "born" about six months later. In addition to launching her company, Andrea has produced an original documentary project to raise awareness of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Andrea's dedication to her company's mission comes from her own personal struggle with endometriosis and chronic fatigue/immune dysfunction syndrome. Andrea eats an entirely gluten-free diet to help with her autoimmune disorders which is another reason she started a gluten-free company.

I have only sampled two quiches and one knish from Pi, but they were all delicious. I especially liked the knish because it is very rare to find a potato knish that is gluten-free. (Go figure, especially since it is potato!) I am really excited to try additional products from Pi Gluten-Free including their sweet apple pies. Andrea and her team work tirelessly to get their products just right so they are always experimenting in the kitchen. Pi Gluten-Free does produce all of their products in a shared facility, but they spend many hours prior to production to ensure their kitchen space is safe to start making their gluten-free products. Andrea understands the issues with cross-contamination and although they do not have a 100% gluten-free facility yet, they would love to eventually bake all of their products in a completely safe environment.

I think Pi Gluten-Free is a company to watch in the next few months. With a strong social mission and an outstanding leader at the helm, I can almost guarantee Pi Gluten-Free will be a huge success in the months to come. Keep an eye on Pi, they have some exciting things in store for the gluten-free community!

Help celebrate Pi Day by visiting Pi Gluten-Free's website today!!/piglutenfree

Here is some more information about Pi Gluten-Free from their website and e-newsletter:

PI GLUTEN FREE "is a socially conscious, dedicated gluten-free kitchen that is revolutionizing the market. Too often this developing market is limited to unsavory substitutes for junk food. Pi’s focus on pies, which they define as anything that has an outer layer and a filling, allows them to offer a comprehensive menu of sweet and savory dishes. Their unique focus has the advantage of showcasing fillings that are naturally gluten-free, rather than featuring an empty shell."

Pi's mission is simple: Pi Gluten Free promotes public health by offering a comprehensive menu of foods that are suitable for people who avoid gluten--without sacrificing taste, quality, or convenience. Pi also fosters public health through partnerships with outreach organizations.

Pi Gluten Free is now selling Pi at the Foodshed Farmers' Market, located at 388 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The market is within blocks of the Atlantic Pacific stop on the B, D, N, Q, R, 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains, and just a few blocks away from the C train at Hoyt and the F and G trains at Bergen Street. The market runs from 11am to 5pm. We had our debut on Sunday, February 20th and the response was unbelievable. Thanks so much for those who came out to show some support.  If you would like to order some products in advance, please drop us a line: We accept orders until Tuesday.

Pi Gluten-Free is gearing up to begin home delivery service for NYC and tri-state area residents! Very soon, Pi will begin sending out test shipments to consumers in the area to help prepare for the launch of this service. They expect to be ready to accept orders by the end of the month. Stay tuned!! If you are interested in signing up for this service, please email Pi. Type, "HOME DELIVERY" into the subject line. They will add your contact information to their list and they'll notify you as soon as they're ready to go!

That's right! First it was dessert pies, then quiche, and then Pi brought out vegan knish and triple temptation cupcakes. But just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they decided to bring you vegetable and vegan potpies. And, no surprise, their potpies will feature seasonal and local, organic produce.

Happy Pi Day to Pi Gluten-Free!!

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Anonymous Barry Dumas said...

I first met Andrea when she submitted a concept paper for Baruch College's Annual Invitational Entrepreneurship Competition and have been impressed with her and Pi, the company she founded, ever since. I've tried some of Pi's products and they are excellent. If you didn't know they were gluten-free, you'd never guess. I urge everyone to try them, whether or not you're avoiding gluten. One bite is all it takes to win you over.

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