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Monday, April 18, 2011
100% Gluten-Free Restaurant in Prague
I was not going to post from my trip, but I was too excited not to share this restaurant with my readers. Literally the day I was getting on the plane, I found this new restaurant in Prague through a Czech page on Facebook of all places. As of April 1st, Restaurace Na Zlaté křižovatce is the first 100% gluten-free restaurant in all of Prague.

Traditional Czech cuisine is very unfriendly to those of us on a gluten-free diet. The dishes are heavy on flour-thickened sauces, dumplings, and fried foods. Now, you can enjoy traditional cuisine in a very safe environment at this new restaurant where everything is gluten-free. I will update more about this meal when I get home, but I wanted to share this great news with everyone right away! The staff was fantastic, the meal was delicious, but more importantly where the language is impossible and the food is usually unsafe, this is truly a safe haven for us with Celiac Disease.

Check out the "no wheat" symbol on the front of the restaurant. How reassuring is that!

Restaurace Na Zlaté křižovatce
Za Poříčskou bránou 382/16
Praha - Florenc, 186 00
Telefon: +420 775 110 468

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a good time to be celiac. More and more awareness crops up daily everywhere. Thanks, Erin for giving the location and contacts for this GF restaurant.

Anonymous Sarah said...

Amazing! What did you have?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can actually check Gluten Free Hotels Guide for hotels in Prague ( ) that serve gluten free food.

Anonymous jason said...

Hi Erin, so sad but restaurant Na Zlaté křižovatce has now closed as of 1/1/2014. Website is still running as they are trying to find somewhere else to relocate.
Jason (

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