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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Pi Gluten-Free Expands Throughout NYC
I first blogged about Pi Gluten-Free back in March after meeting founder Andrea Sorkin through some mutual friends. Since March, Andrea and I have become good friends. We've gone for swanky drinks together, had marathon phone sessions, and she has even introduced me to another friend of hers from the gluten-free community and the three of us are hoping to have some intense brainstorming sessions (and probably gossip too) over the next few months. Andrea is so passionate about her company, but more importantly about her social mission to spread awareness about public health. I am excited to announce that Pi Gluten-Free has expanded their distribution in New York City. Below is part of their April newsletter announcing their new locations and news.

PI IS OUT AND ABOUTIn other news, Pi is now available in many more stores throughout the NYC area. PLEASE stop by when you’re in the neighborhood to give store buyers a great first impression of Pi. As of this week, Pi is available at the following locations: 

  • Health Nuts @ 99th and Broadway in Manhattan (mini pies and quiche)
  • Health Nuts @ 64th and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan (mini pies and quiche)
  • Simply Natural @43rd and 10th Avenue in Manhattan (mini pies, quiche, and cupcakes)
Pi will also soon be coming to the infamous Perelandra Natural Foods store on Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for announcements. We’ll also be hosting demos at selected Health Nuts locations, Perelandra, and at G-Free NYC. So stay tuned! We’re very excited to have our products out on store shelves. 
Pi is also continuing to make appearances at the wonderful Foodshed Farmers Market, located at 388 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. We are scheduled to be there again on May 1st, and expect to be there every other week thereafter. During our weeks off, you can still stop by the market to get your fix of Pi. We won’t be there to greet you in person but our food will be. Just ask for a slice of Pi when you get there. And be sure to check out all of the other amazing local goodies the market has to offer! 
Would you like a cup of coffee with your Pi? Then stop by the Ecopolis Café on the corner of Smith and Warren Streets in Brooklyn for a gluten-free quiche or vegan cupcake, and choose from their incredible menu of organic coffee or tea to go with it. 
If you would like your local store to carry Pi, please print out a copy of our product request form and bring it into your store manager. The document can be downloaded directly from the where to buy page of our website:
HOME DELIVERY UPDATEIn my last note to all of you, I promised that we would be rolling out home delivery to NYC and tri-state residents by the end of March. Thanks so much to those who signed up for this service! Sadly, this venture has been delayed. We conducted some test shipments during the month of March and weren’t satisfied with the results. We know that we could ship our products frozen, but as a gluten-free consumer myself I just love having a fresh Pi – I consider it a luxury. So we’re still working on a solution. We also recently learned that you CANNOT vacuum seal a fresh pie or quiche due to the risk of botulism. Buyer beware! And DO NOT try this technique at home! Hopefully, we’ll soon have a way to ship you fresh Pi without poisoning you or giving you crumbs rather than what you paid for. Thanks so much for your patience. In the meantime, please shop at some of the stores listed. We also accept advance orders for Pi that can be picked up at Foodshed, Ecopolis Cafe, or Peter’s Restaurant.



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