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Friday, April 22, 2011
The Public Health Crisis No One Is Talking About
I just got back from the Czech Republic last night. I am tired but have lots I want to share with my readers about traveling gluten-free overseas. This will come in the next few days. In the meantime, I wanted to share this article that was published on the Huffington Post while I was gone. The author, Sasha Cagen, is not only a Celiac but she is a world traveler. I love these people that embrace the gluten-free lifestyle overseas! The article is well-written and the comments are quite thought-provoking. Enjoy!

The Public Health Crisis No One Is Talking About
by Sasha Cagen

Imagine there is a food additive that slowly poisons you and can even kill you. Now imagine you have no way of knowing whether it is in your foods. Three million American celiacs and I find ourselves in this situation. We have been patiently waiting for the FDA to pass a gluten labeling law while Brazil, the European Union, and Australia acted years ago.

On May 4, activists will be baking a 12-foot gluten-free cake in Washington, DC to get the FDA and Congress to take long-overdue action on this public health crisis. It's high time the U.S. caught up with the rest of the world.


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