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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Guy Fieri Launches New Line of Gluten-Free BBQ Sauces and Salsas
Just in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend, Guy Fieri has launched a new line of gluten-free BBQ sauces and salsas. Although I was sent samples, I haven't had time to try these out yet since I just moved. I hope to go to some BBQs in the next few weeks to try out these delicious-looking sauces. Check out the press release about the new products.

(BOARDMAN, OHIO) June 1, 2011 – Chef Guy Fieri, star of Food Network shows “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and “Guy’s Big Bite,” has introduced his first-ever line of three gluten-free barbeque sauces – along with a line of new gluten-free salsas. From Bourbon Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce to 7 Pepper Salsa, the chef, restaurateur and bestselling author is bringing his rockin’ flavors to thousands of supermarkets across
America, as well as serving them up in his restaurants Johnny Garlic’s California Pasta Grill and Tex Wasabi’s Rock-n-Roll Sushi BBQ.

The three gluten-free Guy Fieri barbeque sauces contain no fat, cholesterol or high fructose corn syrup. “I’ve eaten barbeque all over the country, so when I developed these sauces, I drew inspiration from coast to coast,” says Fieri, the barbeque enthusiast and author of the new book, New York Times best-seller Guy Fieri Food. “These sauces add big, off da hook flavor, whether you’re craving a smoky, sweet, or tangy twist.”

Among the new Guy Fieri barbeque sauces:

  • Bourbon Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce: Sweet & Sticky – Guy’s sweet, sticky Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce rocks on just about anything. Smoky bourbon, sweet brown sugar and a hint of spicy black pepper create off-the-hook flavor that’s a perfect compliment to everything from beef to chicken, pork and seafood. Gluten free.
  • Carolina #6 Barbeque Sauce & Marinade: Mop & Slop – Guy’s Carolina #6 BBQ Sauce & Marinade is the perfectly tangy and versatile “mop & slop” sauce. Apple cider vinegar, sweet brown sugar and a little bit of cayenne pepper heat is a rockin’ combination to be slopped right on pulled pork or used as a marinade or baste for any grilled meat. Gluten free.
  • Kansas City Barbeque Sauce: Smoky & Sweet – Guy’s Kansas City BBQ Sauce is your traditional, go-to sauce that you’ll dig on just about everything. Sweet, smoky molasses, a hint of apple cider vinegar and a little black pepper heat will rock everything from beef brisket to chicken wings or anything else you can throw on a grill. Gluten free.

Note: Guy Fieri has also introduced a new Pacific Rim Barbeque & Wok Sauce which is not gluten-free.

As a big-time chile pepper fan, Fieri has also created four varieties of salsa in his signature style. All of them are gluten-free:

  • 7 Pepper Salsa: Burn Baby Burn – Guy’s 7 Pepper Salsa is rockin’ big pepper flavor from red bell to habanero and finishes it all off with a balance of tomato, lime, garlic and cilantro. Hot
  • Chipotle Salsa: Da $pice Is Right – Guy’s Chipotle Salsa is full of smoky chipotle and the super salsa flavors of tomato, garlic, lime and a touch of jalapeño pepper! Medium
  • Original Salsa: Old Skool – Guy’s original salsa is his go-to signature salsa, full of big tomato flavor, cilantro and zesty lime with a touch of hot pasilla pepper… it’s off da hook! Medium 
  • Salsa Verde: Green & Mean – Guy’s Salsa Verde is servin’ up fire roasted poblano and green peppers and backin’ it up with zesty lime and pinch of cumin, this salsa is so “money” it’s green! Mild

Guy Fieri three gluten-free barbeque sauces are available in 19-ounce bottles for a suggested retail price of $4.29. Fieri’s salsas are available in 16-ounce jars for a suggested retail price of $4.79.

Gia Brands, Inc., a consumer packaged goods brand management firm, licenses, creates, markets and distributes products like Guy Fieri's barbeque sauce and salsa lines. Located in Boardman, Ohio, the company is comprised of Summer Garden Food Manufacturing, one of the first Silver LEED Certified manufacturing facilities in North America, Zidian Specialty Foods, the regional specialty food distribution company, and GBI, the national sales and marketing company.

Known for his boldly flavorful food and even bolder personality, Guy Fieri is one of the biggest stars on the Food Network, where his shows include Guy’s Big Bite, Tailgate Warriors, and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. He is also host of NBC's hit game show Minute to Win It and the co-owner of West Coast restaurants Johnny Garlic's and Tex Wasabi’s. He is the author of three New York Times best-selling books Guy Fieri Food, as well as Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and its sequel More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

In 2010, Guy officially launched CWK (Cooking with Kids;, a program that  encourages kids to get involved in the kitchen. Guy lives in Northern California with his wife, Lori, and their sons, Hunter and Ryder. For more information about Guy, visit

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Erin, I'm so glad you blogged about this. My husband was asking me, when I talked about Guy Fieri in the pupusas post I did the other day, if I mentioned his new GF sauces. I hadn't, and now you did! Awesome. Thanks for this informative post, as always. :)


Anonymous dboschma said... maybe i was so excited to see a GF barbeque sauce that I missed where I can buy them. This is awesome!!

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