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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
A Response to Crunchmaster Crackers and Confusion
My first post today was an honest look at Crunchmaster Crackers and a confusing website. Within 2 hours of my blog post going live, I received a response from the Director of Marketing from TH Foods, Inc., the parent company of Crunchmaster.

A concerned supporter sent me your blog on our Crunchmaster crackers this morning. I tried commenting on your blog, but for some reason it would not accept my response.

Thank you for your honest feedback on our Crunchmaster products. We are glad that you enjoyed them and appreciate you bringing our attention to the conflicting information on our website. After the introduction of our new Crunchmaster multi-grain line last year, we should have noticed that this caused conflicting information to appear. We will work to correct it as soon as possible.

If you have any future questions, please feel free to contact me directly. If I can not answer it, I will have our Regulatory Manager follow up with you.

Best Regards,

Jim Garsow
Director of Marketing
TH Foods, Inc.

I do applaud TH Foods, Inc. for being responsive to my post but still stand by my original post. Hopefully TH Foods, Inc. and Crunchmaster will accurately address the issues that I brought up in my post Crunchmaster Crackers and Confusion.

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Anonymous gluten free gift said...

what I love about this - is the power of blogging... proof that the gluten-free community has a voice and is tapped in. Manufacturers need to pay closer attention these days than ever! Mille grazie!

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