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Thursday, December 1, 2011
Announcing: The Health Activist Awards 2011

I first learned about WEGO Health via Twitter. This network of health advocates is a great resource for anyone that is living with a health issue and looking for tips and a great community of people living with the same illnesses. The topics covered on WEGO Health run the gamut from sleep problems, to asthma, and of course, Celiac Disease. I have discovered some great health leaders through the weekly #HAchats on Twitter as well as through the forums.

WEGO Health just announced their first annual 2011 Health Activist Awards. There are 12 awards in a variety of categories from the Rookie of the Year, to the TMI, to the Offline Crusader. Now is your chance to nominate your favorite blogger, tweeter, or health leader in the community. I encourage you to participate in these nominations as a way to thank those of us who provide resources to the Celiac world and beyond. Of course I would love to be nominated, but I really encourage you to nominate anyone you feel is worth of one of these awards. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Here is some additional information from the WEGO Health website

What better way to commemorate awesome milestones than by bringing everyone in the Health Activist community together to share what they love. We’ve created an interactive Awards Program to get you and your communities excited to share what has moved you, inspired you, and made a real difference in how you think about healthcare and living well.
What: The Health Activist Awards: 2011 – A WEGO Health Program created to reward Health Activists for their accomplishments over the course of a calendar year as well as to bring awareness, attention, and a voice to their pursuits.
Why: To recognize well-known Health Activists for their continued efforts but also to recognize and showcase the newcomers who have inspired us all with their passion and dedication and will make a huge difference in the online community.
When: Nominations will begin December 1, 2011. Winners will be announced in January 2012.
How: We want everyone to be involved so we will be taking nominations for each of the 10 Health Activist Award categories. After we review all nominations, a panel of Health Activist judges and WEGO Health Team members will come together to select the winner. Winners will be announced in January through a fanfare of posts, spotlights, and features. Each winner will receive an exclusive Health Activist Award Prize pack. Want to be a member of the Health Activist Judging Panel and help decide who will win the awards? Apply to be a judge here.
Did you say Prize Pack? Yes. In addition to the bragging rights and site badge – each Health Activist Award Winner will receive a collection of rewards geared to their Health Activism. These prize packs will include resources, opportunities, and ways to catapult each winner into 2012 with the tools to plan an incredible year of advocacy.

Have another question? Check out our FAQ page for more. Don’t see your question answered? Send us an email at
So get ready to show your Health Activist Pride – this is going to be fun.

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