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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Gluten-Free Camp 2012 with the Celiac Disease Foundation
If you read my blog, you will know I love camp. If you spend time with my sister and I, inevitably we will probably tell you a camp story or sing you a camp song. We are those girls that say "And one time, at 4-H Camp..." without the gross band-camp stores. ;-)

I went to day camp for many years and then went to DPF Nassau County 4-H Sleepaway Camp for 7 years.  All of my camp years were as a kid living with Celiac on a gluten-free diet. Camp memories are wonderful memories that I will never forget. I still keep in touch with some camp friends thanks to Facebook and I plan on sending my own children to camp one day. It truly was a great experience.

Unfortunately for parents of Celiac children they are often too nervous to send their child away to camp for fear of being glutened when away from home. I completely understand this feeling. I had my own milk crate of gluten-free food in the walk-in fridge at camp and developed a great relationship with my camp cook, giving her a big tip at the end of every summer. Even with my own food crate, there was still always a risk of getting sick when being fed mass-produced food. My camp cook never heard of being gluten-free but she was willing to hold my food and help me out with special meals when needed. I will never forget the first time she handed me a plate of gluten-free French toast made with my bread on a Sunday morning. It meant the world to me! I ate a lot of salads during the summer, but I also safely enjoyed countless meals while drinking bug juice. (if you went to camp, you know what I mean!)

Luckily, things have changed in the past 15 years and now more and more camps are offering gluten-free weeks. I think this is a wonderful idea and I encourage parents to sign their kids up for these camps. It will help put your mind at ease knowing that the facility, the counselors, and the organizers understand Celiac Disease and the necessity of serving gluten-free food to your children.

I am excited to announce that the Celiac Disease Foundation is having their very first Children's Celiac Camp in July30 - August 3, 2012 for kids ages 7 to 15. This week-long session promises fun activities, amazing outdoor activities in the San Bernardino Mountains, and most importantly gluten-free food all week long. If you live in California or nearby, I really do encourage you to sign your kids up for this gluten-free camp week. Trust me, it will be a memorable experience for your child!

Click here for the full-sized flyer.

You can read more about camp and download all of the registration forms by clicking here.

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