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Friday, January 13, 2012
Gluten-Free Education Fair at Whole Foods Upper West Side
Help wrap up Gluten-Free Week at Whole Foods Upper West Side by joining us at the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Gluten-Free Education Fair.

There will be educators and vendors participating in this education day, so please be sure to stop by any time between 1pm-4pm on Saturday, January 21st.

Whole Foods Upper West Side
808 Columbus Ave.
Trains: A/B/C to 96th and Central Park West or 1/2/3 to 96th and Broadway

Participants include: 

Stop by our table to hear about upcoming events, mingle with other NYC Celiac Meetup members and with NYC Celiac Meetup organizers Erin and Kristen. 
Lead organizer Erin Smith has be organizing events for the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group for 6 years. Erin was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1981, so she’s been gluten-free for almost her whole life. When not organizing Meetup events, Erin writes her gluten-free lifestyle blog Gluten-Free Fun and her gluten-free travel blog Gluten-Free Globetrotter.
Assistant organizer Kristen Siebecker was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007 but that doesn’t stop her from socializing in New York City. As a Certified Sommelier, Kristen guides the wines for the Good Commons retreat center in Vermont and frequently hosts gluten-free snack and wine pairing Meetup events at her home.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that drives diagnoses and improves the quality of life for those maintaining a medically necessary gluten-free diet. Learn more at

With a house frequently full of friends, El (of El's Kitchen) couldn’t bear to serve a gluten-free friend the bland snacks that were the only choices available. So, she came up with her own line of gluten-free snacks to please everyone. She knew she’d scored when ALL of her friends scarfed down her snacks—then asked for more.
El’s Bagel Snaps, is the first gluten free bagel chip on the market. El’s Medleys Snack Mix combines the Snaps, gluten-free pretzels and other delicious, crunchy items. Both snacks are all natural and are full of Omega-3s and whole grains. El’s samples and test every production run to confirm gluten levels do not exceed 5PPM. Learn more at

Free Bread, Inc. proudly focuses on one thing: baking fresh, hearty, gluten-free bread rolls.   Made with love in an organic, gluten-free facility in New York City, our rolls are gluten, nut, and sugar-free. Our four delicious varieties satisfy every taste--   The MOXY is a Millet, Oat, and Flax bread with whole and ground seeds and a hint of sweetness.  The Creamer, a sourdough & cream cheese roll with cream cheese in the middle, makes a bagel and cream cheese look just plain silly.  The Jalaa! (pronounce Holla!) is packed with jalapeno, Buttermilk, and Sharp Cheddar cheese. Last, the Cranny Pep is a robust, chewy treat with a bit of a crunch due to its cinnamon toasted pepitas, cranberries and sunflower seeds.  ENJOY!

Heidi's Gluten Free Greatness
Heidi of Heidi's Gluten-Free Greatness creates delicious, fresh-baked gluten-free products using the freshest organic, local ingredients available. As a nutritionist, she takes great care to ensure her breads are the healthiest you can buy. As a baker, all of her products are moist, natural and most importantly, they taste great! We’re sure you’ll soon become one of the many people who say “Wow! You wouldn’t know it’s gluten-free!”  Check out some of the great things she’s created at and give her a call at 917-941-4418.

Schar gluten-free
Schar - Europe’s #1 gluten-free food brand. Over 30 dedicated gluten-free items in the US make Schar your gluten-free solution for bread, pasta, cookies, snacks, crackers & pizza. Expert advice on celiac disease & gluten intolerance at our free Schar Club.

Annalise Roberts       The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook
Annalise Roberts is the author of three gluten-free cookbooks. An expanded and revised edition of her best-selling book, Gluten-Free Baking Classics (April, 2006), was released in September, 2008Gluten-Free Baking Classics for the Bread Machine, a collection of recipes developed for the Zojirushi bread machine was released in April, 2009.
Annalise and her sister, Claudia Pillow, joined forces to write a third book, The Gluten-Free-Good Health Cookbook (January, 2010). This unique work provides food choice explanations and guidance, cooking advice, and more than 100 flavorful, culturally diverse, gluten-free recipes.
She writes for and manages the website with her sister and she blogs at



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