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Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Dish Freely Launch Party
Back in November, I "tweeted" something about the crappy gluten-free iPhone apps I had been downloading. An innocent response from an app developer agreeing with me on the "underwhelming" apps on the market triggered a flurry of emails. Through these emails, I learned about a new app that was going to be a "service that helps identify the specific foods that people with a gluten allergy find and enjoy at restaurants and venues around them." A few more emails and an early Sunday morning coffee meeting with David and Roger of Grande Labs was my first introduction to the Dish Freely iPhone app.
Through emails and in-person meetings, I learned more about Dish Freely and their mission to provide quality content and an interactive platform for the gluten-free community. As a person that is really intrigued by social media, I was excited to connect with these guys both in person and through my iPhone with their new app.
Fast forward three months and Dish Freely is finally here. With an awesome launch party at Heather's Bar on February 22, Dish Freely hit the gluten-free New York City scene with gusto. The trio behind Dish Freely (David, Roger, and Luke) were all in attendance as well more than 35 NYC Celiac Meetup members and other fans and friends. Bard's Beer was flowing (in bottles, of course) and Antonella of Krumville Bake Shop was handing out some of the most delicious gluten-free appetizers I ever ate. Everyone was in a good mood and welcomed Dish Freely onto the NYC tech scene with open arms. Even though the Dish Freely app is currently only available on the iPhone, the Android fans came out to support the launch party too! Stay tuned, Droid fans!

Here are some photos from the party

Me with the DishFreely team: David, Roger, and Luke
The DishFreely app on the big screen

Antonella of Krumville Bake Shop serving up delicious gluten-free treats! 

The DishFreely trio drinks their first gluten-free beers thanks to Bard's Beer.

Since the launch, DishFreely has been getting some really awesome press thanks to Mashable, The Frugal Girls, Without Wheat, and Yahoo! News. I am excited that there has been so much hype around this app. I really feel that DishFreely brings a sense of "normalcy" to the average gluten-free diner. We now have a tool we can use on-the-go to find local gluten-free dishes without making a big fuss. It also helps bring our community together on a mobile social platform. I've been using DishFreely as often as I dine out and it is a fun way to inform others about gluten-free food in our great city. I wish DishFreely the best of luck for their current app and beyond! 
DishFreely also launched the Eat Freely app just this week! Eat Freely is for anyone to share the dishes they like at restaurants across the country. 

Dish Freely is an iPhone app that gives gluten-free eaters an easy way to share the safest and best-tasting food and drinks at restaurants. When you find a good gluten-free dish at a restaurant, you can add it to the app so that you and others can easily find it later. You can also rate each dish, add photos and comments, and even check-in to Foursquare. The more you use the app, the more amazing a tool all gluten-free eaters will have to find something to eat that is safe and delicious!

Bard’s is the finest gluten-free craft beer made with 100% malted sorghum. Unlike most gluten-free beers, Bard’s malts their sorghum to give it a robust flavor and doesn’t use adjuncts like rice that thin it out. It’s a premium product with exceptional flavor and it’s 100% safe for the gluten-free community.

Krumville Bake Shop is a dedicated gluten free company based in NYC.  Founder Antonella Zangheri bakes; focaccia, cookies, muffins and specialty treats that celebrate her rich culinary Italian & Dutch upbringing by simply leaving the gluten behind.;!/

Heathers Bar (506 E. 13th St, NYC) has long been a friend to the gluten-free community and to our meetup. Heathers offers a wide range of beer, wine and spirits, and is one of the bars in Manhattan that specifically caters to people with gluten sensitivities. Both the owner and manager are gluten sensitive, and they do their best to maintain a safe environment for others who may have similar sensitivities.

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