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Friday, July 6, 2012
Photo Friday: Lazy Girl Eggplant Parmesan
Layers of eggplant, olive oil, spices, gluten-free breadcrumbs, cheese, sauce.
Bake 30 minutes at 350.

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Blogger Kelly Rae said...

Did you pre-cook the eggplant? Salt it and/or drain it? Are these multiple layers of the above ingredients? Did you cover with foil first and bake? Can you tell that I am someone who obviously needs more details? I have always loved eggplant parmigiana. But, now that I have to eat gluten-free and be very careful with my ingredients, its a different world. On just beginning my 3rd month of GF life. Would italian seasoning mix work here? Many thanks! Kelly

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, is that simple or what? Eggplant is delicious when it's warm and moist. My fav seasoning is herbe de Provence. Really makes it rich.

Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Kelly Rae, it is really much more simple than that. I sliced up the eggplant and then just layered my ingredients. I think I had enough eggplant for three layers. I did use pre-made Italian seasoning and added a little bit of garlic powder. When I am really ambitious, I cook the eggplant ahead of time so it isn't as mushy. This time around, I just did the layers and baked uncovered. Hope this helps!

Yum! We've been looking for something new, different! I think I may have found it with your post.

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