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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Gluten-Free Hurricane Relief: How to Help
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been spending all week trying to help out Hurricane Sandy victims as much as I can. I wish I could do more. I've donated money, food, clothing, and tonight I am donating my time collecting donations for residents of the devastated Breezy Point, Queens. Many people are asking me how they can help, so I am putting together this ongoing list. I will add to it as I learn more. Please add your comments below if you have additional information.

(Gluten-Free) Food Donations

My heart goes out to the millions of people who had their lives turned upside down due to this storm, but I cannot help but think about those who need gluten-free food. There are very few food banks in this country that make an effort to carry gluten-free food. I am pretty sure that most food banks in the tri-state area do not have the gluten-free essentials they need, if any gluten-free food at all. Food banks need food and money!

Are you a gluten-free food manufacturer? If so, here are organizations that take bulk food donations. I have contacted many of these organizations directly about specifically giving gluten-free donations, but have not yet heard back from any of them. I am sure they are inundated with calls right now so as soon as I hear back, I will update this page with that information. Please make sure to contact them directly if you have questions. Monetary donations are always accepted as well.

All of these links go directly to the food donation inquiry pages.

Update as of 11/8 at 9:45am EST: CONFIRMED.
They are accepting gluten-free donations! 

The following are now accepting gluten-free donations and will do their best to make sure the proper people receive this gluten-free food. Please click on the name for more information specific to that food bank.

Long Island Cares
City Harvest
Food Bank of NYC
Long Island drop-off in Freeport, NY
Island Harvest
Community Food Bank of New Jersey* revised
District 21st Queens, NY
Three Dogs Bakery (Westchester County)
Shop Rite in New Dorp (Staten Island)

Food banks (pending response)

New York City
Red Cross
AidMatrix, sponsored by FEMA
Feeding America
Masbia (Kosher food donations only!)

Long Island

New Jersey
The Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
Food Bank of South Jersey

Other ways to help

Finding Gluten-Free Food in NYC

I've asked the NYC Celiac Meetup group to keep us posted on where to buy gluten-free food in the tri-state area. If you know any place that sell gluten-free food and have reopened especially in lower Manhattan, please add your comments here:

Click here to learn about gluten-free companies that are helping with the hurricane relief effort.

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Anonymous Kelly said...

I'm confused...are there just the three places listed under your "accepting gf donations" list...or is the rest of the list under that...everyone you listed accepting them? Thx.

Blogger Unknown said...

Kelly, I have updated the information with who has confirmed they will accept gluten-free donations and who is still pending. Thank you for pointing that out. Sorry about the confusion.

Blogger Unknown said...

Were working on getting food shipped to you here from Wheatless In Seattle.

Blogger Meggers said...

I was just wondering if me, a fellow person with celiac, can just order some food and send it without being from a manufacturing company? I would love to send some Go Picnic's or the like! Let me know, thanks :)

Blogger Rita said...

I would order a bunch of go picnics too. I wonder if those places can accept smaller, non bulk shipments from individuals.

Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Unknown said...

Meggers and Rita, YES! You can donate food via and possibly other online food companies. Call ahead to the food bank and ask if they will accept donations via mail order and delivery. When ordering, please make a note on the order that this is GLUTEN-FREE FOOD. It will hopefully then get to the right person. Thank you for asking!

Erin, this is some great info for helping out - I've shared a link to your post on my blog.

Blogger Unknown said...

I've tried to give money to the foodbank in my area for GF (southern Arizona) but was never convinced that the money was used solely for GF food. Nor was I convinced that the GF food I donated was given to actual celiacs or persons with bona fide gluten intolerance. Do you have any suggestions? What can we do?

Anonymous Aggie said...

I was wondering about this since I spent about a week prior to the storm cooking for my celiac daughter. Thankfully although we still have no power, we have not yet run out of food for her! Thank you for the info! I would love to donate!

Blogger Unknown said...

Patricia, I have contacted all of the food banks on this list directly. As them if they will accept gluten-free food as well as distribute this appropriately. It is very important to me to encourage others to donate only where I know the GF food will be rationed out to those who actually need gluten-free food for medical purposes and not those who eat GF for fun.

I know there is one gluten-free food bank in CO, but do not know of any other dedicated GF food banks. It is up to us, those living with Celiac, to encourage food banks to accept gluten-free donations but give out the food appropriately. I encourage you to start by calling your food bank and then go from there.

Please let me know if your efforts are a success!

Anonymous Gluten Free Dee said...

Hi Erin! It's Gluten Free Dee. I'm working with the Salvation Army who is overseeing food for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy and relief workers helping in the area. They are asking for a truck to be filled and deliver gluten free food so it is all kept together. If anyone would like to donate as an individual or on a corporate level, please follow updates on my blog, Facebook and Twitter GlutenFreeDee sites. I have lined up a shipping company who will receive the food from individuals and corporations. They will also repackage and wrap everything and transport it across country. Details will be posted as they are collected. Hugs and prayers to all.

Gluten Free Dee
Dee Valdez
Founder of the National Gluten Free Food Bank Movement

Blogger Gratefulfoodie said...

Thank you for your hard work on our food allergy gluten free community. I posted about you...

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