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Monday, November 19, 2012
Update on FDA's Gluten-Free Food Labeling Regulations
I received this email last week while I was traveling. This is a great first step to labeling of our gluten-free food. Read on for more information.

Dear Friends, 
Last week, we reached out to you and other stakeholders serving the needs of those with gluten-related disorders asking you to join us in expressing support for the completion of the FDA's gluten-free food labeling regulation.

As noted in the initial letter, the community hoped to gather 25,000 signatures within 30 days on a 'We the People' petition posted to With only days to meet the target, we reached out to you to add close to 6,000 names to the petition. Not only was this goal met; it was exceeded by 2,000 signatures! This was an amazing feat that clearly demonstrated the positive results of a community working together.

The purpose of this petition was to reinforce for administration officials the importance of clear labeling that enforces gluten-free standards. Without question, that goal was accomplished.

So what's next? According to the White House website, administration officials will respond to the petition in a timely manner. It is possible that the recent storm on the East coast and the elections may factor into the timing of this review and response. Hopefully, it will include news announcing completion of the labeling rules. We promise to keep you abreast of any news or new developments. You can also follow along here.

This effort could not have been successful without your participation. Thank you for supporting the needs of the gluten-free community!


American Celiac Disease Alliance

Celiac Disease Foundation

Gluten Intolerance Group

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

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