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Friday, November 22, 2013
A Week to Remember: Celiac Sprue Association and Omission Beer
It has been quite a crazy week in the celiac community. It all started with a press release from the Celiac Sprue Association recognizing Omission Beer by giving it the CSA Recognition Seal. It continued with my posts and follow-up responses from the CSA which, in my opinion, only made things worse and the community more convinced. And it is ending with me giving a summary of links from this week. I think this story is far from over, but I would like to put my involvement to rest for a while. The Facebook comments are starting to become offensive; the emails of people who are too afraid to comment publicly are becoming combative; and the tweets are obviously showing that I have pissed off a number of people.

I would like to reiterate that my initial post and subsequent posts have been my opinions of why I do not support to endorsement by the CSA and not about me telling you not to drink Omission Beer. Yes, I am sure I lost a few readers and Twitter followers this week but I am fine with that. I did my research, presented both sides of the story, and never once told you not to drink Omission Beer. I was fair from start to end and for that I owe no apologies.

I think the most ironic part of this mess is that I am currently in Portland, Oregon, home to Omission Beer for this entire week. Sigh.

In case you missed it, you can read all of the information following these links:

Confusing Celiac Sprue Association Endorsement of Omission Beer
A Response from the Celiac Sprue Association on Omission Endorsement on 11/19/2013
Additional Statements from Celiac Sprue Association Endorsement of Omission Beer

Some great bloggers also chimed in with their take on this story:

And with that, I would like to toast the end of this story for the time being...  CHEERS!  

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