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Wednesday, February 5, 2014
2014 Celiac and Gluten-Free Summer Camps

The summer might feel far away, but the best time to sign up for summer camp is now! Here is a round-up of all of the 2014 Celiac and gluten-free summer camp sessions that I have discovered so far. Some of the camps offer scholarships, so be sure to click the links if you are looking for more information. I wonder if I am too old for summer camp in Switzerland!!!!

Gluten-Free Family Camp Weekend 
Milford, Pennsylvania
May 30 to June 1, 2014

Gilmer, Texas
June 15-20, 2014

Roscommon, Michigan
June 15-21, 2014

Middleville, Michigan
June 29-July 3, 2014

Warm Springs, Georgia
July 13-18, 2014

Annandale, Minnesota
July 20-25, 2014

Camp Celiac at Camp Arroyo
Livermore, California

Session One: July 21-24, 2014
Session Two: July-27, 2014

Note: The by-laws of The Taylor Family Foundation require that they give priority to campers from Northern California.

Bloomington, Minnesota
July 22-24, 2014

Gruppenhaus Bärgsunne, Switzerland
July 26-August 2, 2014

Wake Forest, North Carolina
Camp is in conjunction with Gluten Intolerance Group
July 27-August 2, 2014

Ithaca, New York
August 1-3, 2014

Gluten Free Summer Camp Ohio
Camp Y-Noah near Akron, Ohio
August 3-9, 2014

Vashon Island, Washington
Camp is in conjunction with Gluten Intolerance Group
August 4-9, 2014

North Scituate, Rhode Island
August 10-15, 2014

Water Valley, Alberta, Canada
August 18-22, 2014
Camp Silly Yak at Brigadoon Children's Camp 
Aylesford Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada
August 24-29, 2014
Camp Eagle Hill
Dedicated gluten-free kitchen
Sessions throughout the summer

Do you have a camp that should be added? Please email me at

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Anonymous Debbie Finn said...

Here is a new camp in Ohio

It is located at a YMCA camp in Clinton, OH (near Akron)

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