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Monday, March 10, 2014
Gluten-Free Fun Featured on GFree Radio
I was pleasantly surprised to learn via Twitter that my "15 Reasons to Love Someone with Celiac Disease" post was featured on last week's GFree Radio show. I have to admit, although I follow GFree Radio on Twitter, I have never listened to one of the free broadcasts.

Based in London, England, this weekly online radio show is for celiacs/coeliacs who are gluten-free across the globe. Peter Stewart, the host and a fellow Celiac, puts together an entertaining radio show each week with a wide range of topics for the gluten-free listener. I am going to bookmark his website and try to catch this show each week. You can find Peter's shows here.

Take a listen to the most recent episode below. Peter quotes me around 28:41 with "Three Reasons You Should Love Someone with Celiac Disease!" Thanks Peter for my first international radio shout-out! I hope to contribute to your show again in the future!

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