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Monday, July 14, 2014
Good News about Aldi's Gluten-Free Products

I was really excited when I spotted the LiveGFree products at Aldi's back in May. I was visiting my sister in Wisconsin and since we are both Celiac, we made a special trip to Aldi's. As with many of my vacations near and far, I brought home lots of gluten-free food as my souvenirs. This past weekend, I was pleased to see more of the LiveGFree line at my local Aldi's in Rego Park, New York. Again, I stocked up on the gluten-free products, bringing home baking mixes, frozen pizzas, bars, and more. I find all of the products to be very reasonably priced and they taste good too!

The Aldi's labeling has always been really clear and it's easy to spot the "gluten-free" icons on the packaging. With the LiveGFree line, there is no question. The ingredients are all gluten-free. Many of the products are also familiar. Aldi's and Trader Joe's are owned by the same parent company, so many of the Aldi's products (like the Snickerdoodles) taste, look, and feel exactly the same as the TJ's ones. The other products also remind me of Enjoy Life products. Not sure if there is any relation though!  

Over the past few months, I have read about some Aldi's stores across the country selling out of the gluten-free products and the shelves not being restocked. There appears to be high-demand for these good quality, low-priced gluten-free products so I reached out to Aldi's to find out if the products are here to stay. Here's what Aldi's had to say:

Thank you for contacting us regarding the availability of our LiveGfree products.   
Select test stores in the Chicago, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New York areas will continue to carry a variety of LiveGfree products for the remainder of the year.  A companywide roll out of the most popular items is scheduled for later this year.  
Thank you for being an ALDI shopper! Sincerely,  
ALDI Customer Service 

WOOHOO! It sounds like Aldi's realizes the demand for gluten-free products and the LiveGFree line is going to stay around for a while. I encourage you to contact Aldi's through their corporate offices and tell them you are a fan of their LiveGFree line and you want it to stay.

LiveGFree Mac and Cheese

Pasta, soft-baked cookies, and brownie mix

Aisle of gluten-free products

Frozen pizzas and gluten-free "hot pockets"

Gluten-free Chicken Nuggets

Soft, pliable wraps! 

The Live GFree label

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Anonymous Ashley said...

Excellent news. Thanks for sharing! I've enjoyed the Aldi's gluten free products I've tried so far, and the prices are great!!

I'm glad you shared this! Your post prompted me to check whether there were any other Aldi's stores in NYC, and in fact there is one just 10 or so blocks away from my new apartment, so I'll definitely check to see what kind of GF selection it has in the next couple of weeks (plus maybe make a Target run at the same time--very convenient).

Anonymous Beth said...

I wish Costco would imitate that! (They're just around the corner from me!)

Anonymous Candice said...

Your post inspired my mom to pick me up two g-free snacks from our local Aldi's. I can't wait to make the brownie mix (with s few minor adaption to make dairy free and egg free)!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Love you Aldi's! I just found out that I have Gluten sensitivity and gluten free items in most stores are so expensive. But I have been able to find anything and everything at almost 1/2 the price in your stores. thanks you so much for carrying the gluten free items at a good price!!

Blogger Unknown said...

Beware of those GF labels even though they say nut free on the back on the brownies and the cookies though it also says Made in a factory that has tree nuts and peanuts how can it be not free if it's made on a line where there's nuts this can kill people my grandson is highly allergic and could kill him thank God we read the small print on the side

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