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Tuesday, July 19, 2016
35 Years of Living with Celiac Disease
I cannot believe it has been over a month since I last blogged here. I have been (slowly) redesigning things behind the scene and really trying to figure out what is next for my website. I have always loved connecting with celiac readers through Gluten-Free Fun, but these days I mostly keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  But I hit a HUGE milestone this week and I couldn't let it go unmentioned.

This month, I am living with diagnosed celiac disease for THIRTY-FIVE YEARS!!

My doctor records from 1981, the first time they thought celiac disease.

Whoa, let that sink in for a minute. First of all, my brain still thinks I am in my 20s so I am not quite sure how I've had celiac for longer than I feel in years. Second of all, that is a damn long time to have celiac. Three and a half decades of living gluten-free with celiac disease. I literally have a lifetime of experience with celiac disease, as I was diagnosed as a toddler. I recently met a few more "lifers" (those of us who don't remember life before gluten) and I am always impressed that we have survived and thrived so long in a gluten-filled world.

I am a celiac pioneer. I was eating gluten-free before it was cool. It wasn't until I was a teenager in the 1990s that I even met another person with celiac disease. This year, I attended a food expo with more than 70,000 people talking about healthy living and gluten-free food. I went to an international conference full of people with celiac disease. Just last week, I went to a summer camp with a week dedicated gluten-free for kids with celiac disease. This blows my mind. I am in awe of the kids of today who have so many gluten-free options across the globe that never existed when I was a kid.

35 years of living gluten-free!

So today, I leave you with this... You are not alone in this crazy celiac and gluten-free adventure. There are tens of thousands of us living in the US that know exactly what you are dealing with on a daily basis. There are ups and downs, especially when first diagnosed with celiac disease. There is a learning curve to adjusting to the gluten-free diet. But you are not alone and we can all relate. Reach out if you need help, I am happy to be there for you. Email me any time!

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Anonymous Elizabeth said...

35 years! Wow tomorrow it will be 4 years since i've been diagnosed. 35 years is a long time... Love your website :)

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