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Thursday, May 24, 2018
Healthline: Favorite Healthy Finds with Gluten-Free Fun
I got to share my favorite gluten-free travel snacks and hacks with Healthline! I picked some of my top gluten-free brands and my must-haves for travel. If you follow Gluten-Free Globetrotter, you will know I just got back from Singapore. I had Bubba's Fine Foods and Krave Jerky and a million other snacks in my carry-on for my 19+ hours of flying. Read on for more details about how and what I pack when I travel

Our Favorite Healthy Finds: Gluten-Free Fun
Traveling with a food allergy can be a tricky puzzle to solve, especially if you have Celiac disease. Gluten is in seemingly everything, and more so when you’re on vacation or looking for a quick bite to eat. But take it from Erin Smith, blogger behind the gluten-free lifestyle website Gluten-Free Fun. You can still go on adventures and see the world without a drop of gluten getting in the way.
From snacks to hacks, Smith curated her favorite picks for gluten-free traveling. And it’s really a must-save for any gluten-free traveler. Read on for more food-friendly ways to turn your fun times, whether it’s a picnic in the park or a camping trip by the lake, into stress-free, treat-filled getaways.

Click here to read the whole article on Healthline!  

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Families Needed for Study on "Ripple Effect" of a Gluten Free Diet on Members in Household
Researchers at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University and Teachers College are conducting research on how families navigate celiac disease and the gluten free diet in their household. We are inviting you to participate because you may have a child that is a patient affiliated with the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University.  

Participation includes a 1-2 hour interview with multiple family members and 3 brief surveys about your experience with celiac disease. 

To be eligible to participate:  
• The family has a child (8 - 18 years old) with physician-diagnosed celiac disease living at home and it has been at least one year since diagnosis.  
• The child with celiac disease follows a gluten free diet. 
• Family members are comfortable speaking in English 
• Family members including children are willing to be interviewed to discuss their experience with celiac disease and following a gluten free diet. Interviews will occur separately. 
 The parents of the child with celiac disease do not have celiac disease themselves. This study is only for those with a child (or multiple children) with celiac disease. 

Participants will receive $50 per family. If interested, please contact Carrie Russo at 201-292-4583 or email  

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Monday, May 7, 2018
How to be a CeliACTIVIST

May is Celiac Awareness Month and I am celebrating by showing how everyone and anyone can become a celiACTIVIST! ⠀

Celiac disease is serious and affects an estimated 3 million Americans, but many people still don’t know about it. Now is a chance to educate and enlist the support of our family and friends in ways that fit your lifestyle.⠀

One out of every 133 Americans has celiac disease, equivalent to nearly 1% of the U.S. population. Unfortunately, 83% of the 3 million Americans living with celiac disease remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Celiac disease is a genetic disorder, meaning that it passes from parent to child via DNA. In some cases, stressful events such as pregnancy, surgery, infection, or severe emotional distress can trigger the onset of the disease.⠀

With a wide variety of symptoms associated with celiac disease, gaining an accurate diagnosis can be difficult. To determine if a patient has celiac disease, a physician can screen by using a simple antibody blood test, sometimes combined with a genetic test. If a celiac diagnosis is still suspected, the doctor will likely perform a small intestinal biopsy for confirmation.⠀

Learn more at

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Happy Celiac Awareness Month 2018

It is Celiac Awareness Month. Now is your time to celebrate! 

No pity parties here! Now go eat some gluten-free cake.


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