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Friday, March 6, 2009
Mozzarelli's Gluten-Free Cookie Bar
As my loyal readers know, I love Mozzarelli's. They are definitely my favorite take-out restaurant in NYC especially for the friendly family staff if nothing else. I think it is the combo of their Gluten-Free Sundays, the innovative gluten-free pizzas, the greasy and DELICIOUS gluten-free zeppolis, tasty gluten-free desserts, and the wonderful staff that keep me coming back for more. Chefs Ronny and Elan are always trying out new things and trying to make their next pizza/cake/pasta dish better than their last.

I stopped in for lunch today and was completely overwhelmed by their new gluten-free cookie bar. They now have close to 30 types of gluten-free cookies for about $4.95 per package. Depending on the type of cookie, there are anywhere from 6 to over 20 cookies per package. There are free samples for you to taste before purchasing the cookies. Be sure to stop in today!

Mozzarelli's New York City
38 E 23rd St
New York, NY 10010
(212) 475-6777

In other Mozzarelli's news...

They are now open on weekends!

They have a brand new website with a complete gluten-free menu and gluten-free photo gallery.

There are gluten-free rumors swirling about gluten-free fig newtons coming soon!

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Blogger Tiffany said...

Oh Erin...I'm so jealous of you. I'd kill to have a place like Mozzarelli's here in Atlanta. We have pizza here but every place uses par baked crust and there is world of difference between fresh and frozen for gluten free pizza crusts. When we visited Mozzarelli's last May while there on vacation, I could not get over how great the pizza was and the chocolate chip biscotti was to die for as well! Eat something for me the next time you stop in and tell Dave Tiffany from Atalnta says hello. Surely he will not remember me but I did write about them after the trip and included a photo of their son...Evan I believe his name is. Those are some of the nicest people in NYC for sure!

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