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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Garden Lites Gluten-Free Soufflés
Over the summer I noticed a new prepared meal/side-dish in the Kosher section of the Plainview, NY Shop Rite. The dishes were called Garden Lites and they had a "gluten-free" icon right on the front of their appealing package. I passed by without purchasing these that night, but they stuck in the back of my head. I was out on Long Island again a few weekends ago and saw the Garden Lites soufflés on sale, so I picked up two: Spinach and Broccoli.

The tagline on the Garden Lites says "Real Ingredients, real food, real delicious" and I agree. I was pleasantly surprised by these soufflés. I usually stay away from prepackaged foods for a few reasons. First, I look to cook. Simple enough. Second, I find prepackaged meals are often extremely high in sodium. These soufflés had a relatively low amount of sodium per serving. Additionally, I feel that pre-packaged goods are usually one of two extremes when it comes to flavoring: too bland or over-seasoned. The ingredients in the Garden Lites soufflés seemed really fresh and the seasoning was just right.

The Garden Lites soufflé package said four servings, but I ate the entire package as my dinner. It was a decent sized meal for only 240 calories (60 per serving, if I ate the suggested size) and I was satisfied at the end of the meal. I do think I could have prepared this type of dish on my own, but it is a nice alternative to nights that I don't want to cook.

Have you tried these Garden Lites soufflés yet? What did you think?

Here is the Garden Lites "real story"

Start with the freshest, most delectable vegetables. Then whip them into perfect shape using a blend of secret ingredients, years of culinary experience, and a little bit of love, as “mom” used to say. The finished product: Garden Lites line of vegetarian, all natural soufflés and sumptuous zucchini “pasta” dishes. Minimally processed and maximally delicious, each bite is filled with nutritious real flavors.

So why create the real flavor of Garden Lites? Like most people past the age of high metabolism and low motivation, we try to eat well. However, we were tired of the idea that eating well meant sacrificing taste and quality. So instead of exercising all the time and eating foods we simply didn’t like, we decided to create the world of Garden Lites. We came upon a treasure chest of amazing vegetables and combined them with the meals and sides we love to eat. Now we can stay on track with a healthy lifestyle while feeling good – no; great - about the foods we enjoy.

Go ahead…get real.

Real food. Real good. Really!

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