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Monday, October 4, 2010
Bisquick® Gluten Free Giveaway

Last week I blogged about a Bisquick® Gluten Free care package I recieved from MyBlogSpark. Well, now I am offering you your very own care package! The Bisquick Gluten Free prize pack includes a box of Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix, a pancake pan, pancake pen and a pancake flipper. Tell me why you would like this care package and I will do a random drawing at the end of the week. You will then receive your care package directly from MyBlogSpark within a couple of weeks. Leave a comment including your email address and I will contact you if you are the randomly chosen winner. Good luck!

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Anonymous GlutenFibroFree said...

I'd love to try the new Gluten-Free Bisquick, our son loves pancakes and it's a pain making mutiple breakfasts for each member of the family. james at Thanks!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to win this. I haven't seen GF Bisquick in the stores yet and would love to try it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to win this -- for my Mother-in-Law. I actually ran out and bought the Bisquick mix the day you posted the blog...and my 7-yr old Celiac son *loves* them. Made up 30 on the spot and froze them (he ate 4 this am!). I used to spend a few hours a month making a good, but super complicated pancake mix, so this was a huge time saver. Anyway, my MIL lives on Cape Cod and struggles to follow a GF diet. Her options are limited and she usually resorts to Trader Joe's pretty expensive ready-made products. I try to give her tips for making it all more affordable - mostly by DIY...and I think if she got this kit it'd help convince her! Thanks!
jwyndrum at foxwyn dot com.

Anonymous Kim Lewis said...

My kids would eat pancakes at every meal if I let them!! With a 6 month old as well as a 4 and 7 year old, I would love the ease of Bisquick! Thank you very much!

I haven't seen stores either! I've been looking for a way to make pancakes and crepes but no luck. Also, my Dad would be able to eat them with me!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Product is nice, good recipes on the box....but REALLY pricey. Quality/price of Pamela's Baking Mix far outshines Bisquick. Try ordering bulk on Amazon - they usually have free shipping for their Amazon Prime members.

Anonymous diane poplawski said...

I would love to win this package, we just ruined our pancake skillet a couple of months ago, and its been awhile without pancakes between the expense of GF food for all 4 of us and a new pan, we just do not bother lately, so this pancacke package would be awesome. Thanks for your consideration

Blogger Diane said...

I would love to try the new Gluten-Free Bisquick, but haven't seen it in any of the stores yet.

My husband and I just recently returned from China with our newly adopted son and trying to stay gluten-free while everyone else in the house eats gluten has been a struggle. My son asks for pancakes every day and GF Bisquick would be perfect.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to try this mix, I have not seen it in my stores yet. My son LOVES pancakes and LOVES to help me out in the kitchen, so this would be the best mommy and son prize!
olives6494 at yahoo dot com

I haven't seen this in the stores yet either and am anxious to try it. Pancakes are the breakfast of choice in this house every weekend. I'm the celiac but we all eat gluten free to prevent cross-contamination. Would love to try it!

erin at eringopaint dot com

Anonymous Erica Black said...

I'm sooo excited that major brands are becoming gluten free!!! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 9 years ago and living with Celiac has gotten easier and easier! Thanks to all the gluten free vendors for making our gf lives easier!!

Erica Black

Anonymous Katie D said...

What a great giveaway! I heard about the GF Bisquick, but haven't had a chance to try it for myself. Would love to see how it holds up as a substitute for my wheat-flour-based Bisquick recipes. I just got a waffle iron for my birthday, and I'm coming up on the one-year anniversary of my Celiac diagnosis, so this is a perfect time to try out new recipes.

winter harp (at) hot mail (dot) com

Blogger ackdavis said...

Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix, a pancake pan, pancake pen and a pancake flipper - Let's spread the word like wildfire to millions of gluten free individuals. If I won, I'd share the product experience with the GF groups and my GI in our area. The utensils would remain GF for dedicated GF cooking. GF Bisquick has not arrived in our area since its release this summer. Bisquick isn't just breakfast food. It's quick biscuits, quick breads, quick breading, crusts and more as I remember my pre-celiac diagnosis days of yore. Thanks, Erin, for introducing yet another product via your GFF blog spot.

Blogger JAM said...

Gosh I miss pancakes and would love to try this product! I would share my review of it with my local Celiac support group.

magadanj (at) gmail (dot) com

Blogger jencroley said...

I know I just won the granookies, but we are big pancake fans so I'd love to win this too.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! The contest is now closed

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